Why Smart Shades Are the Perfect Accessory to Your Gaming Setup?

Gaming is set to get bigger. With big names like Amazon, Google, Apple, all joining in the world of gaming services, the current 100 billion-dollar plus industry is rumoured to reach more than 2.7 billion people by 2021. As cloud-technology and personal devices become more sophisticated, the gaming consoles are now a permanent fixture in private homes.

Having a gaming set up in the house is a necessity for any ardent gamer. Gaming requires concentration and your home is the best place that would give you the peace and comfort you need for a relaxing gaming session.

The Set Up

Your gaming set up is just as important as the games you play. For an immersive experience, the ambience has to be just right. Just the right amount of light, the right colors, and the perfect décor, all go into create a gaming set up that is uniquely you.

Get a Good PC

A good gaming set up requires a good gaming PC. While prices usually tend to be at a higher end, the expenditure will be well worth it when it delivers a smooth gaming experience. A gaming PC needs to have a good processor, dedicated graphics card, and an effective cooling system.

Gaming Headset

A good headset will go a long way in enhancing your gaming experience. A good quality headset is vital not only for the sound quality, but also for your comfort. Having a headset will minimize outside noise, allowing you to immerse yourself completely in the game. It will also prevent causing any noise disturbance for other people in your house. Make sure it fits your head perfectly, so that even after you have had it on for a long time, you will not get a headache.

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There are other features you might consider when buying a headset. You must have a microphone, so that you can communicate while you play. You can also select go for wireless headphone instead of wired , which would give you more room and flexibility.

Monitors and Controllers

The most important bit is the monitor. Gaming monitors will give you the best results,  as they have a higher refresh rates . The image quality depends a lot on the refresh rates; a greater refresh rate would give more image clarity. Having a good monitor can raise your the gaming experience to another level.

Some games require controllers. You can select a wired or a non-wired controller. Wired controllers tends beare lighter and can be easily handled.

Internet Connection

Internet connection is something that we take for granted. Ubiquitous and indispensable, a good  internet connection is vital for joining the ever-growing online world of gamers. A lightning-fast internet is a must-have for any enthusiastic gamer.

Why Smart Shades are the Perfect Accessory?

Once you have got together the basics devices, there is another vital piece of technology that can have enormous impact on the quality of your gaming experience. Window coverings play a big role in regulating the comfort levels of the interiors. Use smart technology to make your window covers smart and dress smart windowswith coverings that would provide multifunctional benefits to set the right tone for an immersive gaming experience.

Now let’s look at how smart window shades are the perfect accessory to your ideal gaming set up.

Light: When it comes to light, natural light and the glare that comes with it, can be a big distraction. As your focus will remain firmly on the computer screen, you will need something that completely blocks out the glare light and lets the gaming lights take over the whole ambience. Blackout shades are great for getting that night-like effect, while solar shades will give you ample natural light, minus the glare.

With smart shades, you can sync your blackout shades with the other smart devices in the room. For example, the moment you turn on your gaming console, Tv , you can have the shades come down automatically, cutting off the natural light, while the gaming lights turn on. Smart shades come with motors that can be connected to the internet and controlled by smart devices, as well as home automation systems. So, if your hands are busy on gaming controls, just tell your home assistant to shut the shades, and it will be done.  

Noise Reduction: Noise reduction is another benefit of having smart shades. Sometimes, headsets are not enough to cut off surrounding noise. Elimination of noise is absolutely essential for creating that perfect atmosphere where you can completely focus on your game. Using thicker material like blackout fabric, or wooden venetian blinds to block out the noise. With smart automation, you will be able to close the shades if, in the middle of a game, the noise begins to bother you. No need to interrupt your game. Just use your remote or tell your voice assistant to shut the shades and you can have all the peace your heart desires.

Overall Comfort: Window blinds also have a huge impact on the general comfort levels of the room. You will certainly not be able to enjoy a game if the room is too cold or hot. Retaining the heat or chill within the room is an important function of window coverings. As much of the heat loss happens through windows, select a window covering that would keep the indoor temperature constant for longer. Honeycomb cellular shades are the perfect choice for this purpose. Available with varied levels of light control features, honeycomb cellular shades are lightweight and affordable solutions for your gaming room windows. The honeycomb like hollow structures trap air withing them and turn the entire shade into an insulating structure. Automate the honeycomb cellular shades to regulate the blinds to suit your purpose, while saving energy and money.

Smart shades are an essential part of the whole gaming setup, providing a perfect blend of convenience and functionalities, all in one neat package. Create the perfect gaming setup with the help of smart home technology and take your gaming experience to another level.

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