Why Managed IT Services Are in Demand

by Rohan Mathew
Why Managed IT Services Are in Demand

Over the last ten years, businesses in all industries have trended towards managed services. In 2018, Deloitte estimated that the managed services market would exceed $229 billion globally. A significant portion of outsourced services consists of IT.

Managed IT services involve the outsourcing of everything from web hosting to cloud storage and troubleshooting. But why have managed IT services become so fashionable and why are they the ideal choice for businesses?

Global eCommerce is Growing

The biggest users of managed IT services are ecommerce businesses. The need for innovative online retail solutions powered by AI and other intelligent processes demonstrates a need for outsourcing IT services.

With $3.5 trillion in ecommerce sales worldwide in 2019, small businesses requiring increasingly advanced IT services are going to have little choice but to invest in managed IT services.

Businesses are Looking to Cut Costs

The simple fact is a highly advanced staff, and a huge number of resources are required to power IT services. Managed IT services allow businesses to cut costs by not taking on permanent staff.

Reducing costs by limiting the number of permanent staff on the books was always a major consideration for businesses, but with the economic devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic this is only going to push even more businesses towards managed IT services.

Access to the Latest Innovations

One of the biggest changes in ecommerce is customers expect businesses to utilize the latest innovations regardless of their size. Managed IT services enable small and medium-sized businesses to access the latest technological innovations.

This allows businesses of all sizes to provide a higher level of service and to better fulfill the needs of their customers.

Ensure Maximum Uptime

Downtime is unacceptable in the 2020s. Customers expect your business to be online and ready to go at every hour of the day. The problem is this requires a 24/7 team to protect against downtime. This can be a problem for small businesses.

Managed IT services guarantee around-the-clock monitoring and support to ensure your business can maintain a minimum 99.9% uptime rating.

Security Fears

Cybercrime has been rising exponentially for many years. Hackers are no longer targeting solely large corporations. They are increasingly turning their attention to smaller businesses in the hope of taking advantage of more lax security procedures.

The demand for managed IT services is increasing simply because outsourcing cybersecurity can provide you with access to professionals who understand the extraordinarily complex nature of managing commercial cyber defenses.

The penalties of being hacked and losing customer data can destroy a business. Not only does it lead to a loss of customer trust, but it can also lead to regulatory penalties and crippling class action lawsuits.


There are many reasons why organizations may choose to invest in managed IT services. The fact is that if you are a small or medium-sized business your permanent staff can never hope to match the proficiency, quality, and speed of a dedicated managed IT services provider.

Ensure your business reaches its potential by opting for managed IT services in 2021!

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