What Is Affiliation Number?

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In the realm of educational institutions, the term “Affiliation Number” carries substantial weight, serving as a unique identifier that encapsulates the institutional identity. This detailed guide aims to demystify what an Affiliation Number entails, its relevance in the educational landscape, and how it influences the recognition and operation of schools.

What Is Affiliation Number?

An Affiliation Number is a distinctive numerical code assigned to educational institutions, particularly schools, as a part of the affiliation process with educational boards or authorities. This number serves as a crucial identifier, linking the school to the board or authority overseeing its academic operations.

What Is Affiliation Number For School?

For schools, the Affiliation Number is akin to a registration or license number. It establishes a formal relationship between the school and the educational board or authority, signifying that the school adheres to the prescribed standards and curriculum set by the respective educational body.

What Is Affiliation Number Example?

As an example, let’s consider a school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The Affiliation Number assigned to this school would be a unique numerical code specific to that institution, ensuring its distinct recognition within the CBSE system.

What Is Affiliation Number Cbse?

In the context of CBSE, the Affiliation Number is a critical element of the affiliation process. It signifies that a school has fulfilled the necessary criteria, including infrastructure, faculty qualifications, and adherence to the CBSE curriculum, to be recognized as an affiliated institution.

School Affiliation Number Check

To verify the affiliation status of a school, interested parties, such as parents or educational authorities, can conduct a School Affiliation Number check. This often involves accessing the official website of the relevant educational board or contacting the board directly to obtain the required information.

What Is Affiliation Number And Password In Cbse?

In the CBSE affiliation process, schools are often provided with an Affiliation Number and a corresponding password. This login credential allows the school to access the CBSE online portal, facilitating administrative tasks, submitting documentation, and ensuring seamless communication with the board.

School Affiliation Code List

Educational boards often maintain a comprehensive School Affiliation Code List, cataloging all affiliated institutions along with their respective codes. This list serves as a valuable resource for educational authorities, parents, and the general public to cross-reference and gather information about affiliated schools.

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Cbse Affiliation Number Check

For schools affiliated with CBSE, interested parties can perform a CBSE Affiliation Number check through the official CBSE website. The online portal typically provides a search option where users can enter the name or location of the school to obtain its affiliation details.

Affiliation Code Is School Code

It’s crucial to note that in many cases, the Affiliation Code assigned to a school is synonymous with its School Code. This code not only establishes the school’s affiliation but also serves as a unique identifier for administrative and academic purposes.


In conclusion, the Affiliation Number is not merely a set of digits; it represents the institutional identity and recognition within the educational framework. Whether it’s ensuring adherence to a standardized curriculum or providing a means of verification for concerned stakeholders, the Affiliation Number plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape. Understanding its significance is key for educational institutions, governing bodies, and parents alike, contributing to a transparent and accountable education system.


What Is The Meaning Of Affiliation Number?

CBSE schools’ affiliation number or code is a unique identifying number provided by the CBSE board to each institution. The board results can be checked online using this affiliation code.

How Can I Check My Cbse Affiliation?

How can I check any CBSE school affiliation?

  • Go to the CBSE school affiliation official website i.e cbseaff.nic.in.
  • Now, go to the list of affiliated schools link.
  • Here, type the affiliation number that the school has provided.
  • Furthermore, Check the affiliation certificate.

What Is Cbse Affiliation Code?

Affiliation code of CBSE schools is a unique identification number which is assigned to the schools that are affiliated to CBSE. This affiliation code can be used to check the board results online.

How Do You Get Affiliation?

A school should fulfill the below important conditions to get a CBSE affiliation.

  • School Establishment. …
  • Registration. …
  • School Management Committee. …
  • Recognition from the State Government. …
  • No Objection Certificate. …
  • Land Requirement. …
  • Physical Infrastructure:

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