Protect And Compress Your PDF Files Using GogoPDF

As you search online, one would see a lot of readily available tools for altering file formats. However, many tools give you a hard time doing such a simple task. Among the unique web-based tools available online today is the GogoPDF.

Experts and enthusiasts in tech-related business have seen this as an incredible tool due to its simple procedures. You can convert and protect your file formats using this tool. It does not require you to be an expert in using computers since the steps they provide are straightforward. Check these fantastic features brought to you by GogoPDF! 

Decrypt Protected PDF File

Some of you might have experienced forgetting one’s password in a social media account and your working email. It is alarming since it takes a lot of time to unlock a password. Similarly, once you forget your essential file’s password, you will seriously look for any means of opening it. The best option available is the PDF Unlock tool of the GogoPDF.

As mentioned above, GogoPDF offers the best and the most straightforward steps in file format alteration. In decrypting your password-protected file, the first thing that one must do is selecting the PDF file and putting it in their system. If the file is already in the system, GogoPDF automatically analyzes and decrypts it. 

Once your file is done with the decryption process, you can now access it and can be shared with your colleagues online! The process takes more than a minute, but if your internet connection’s strength is strong, you can have it in just a blink of an eye! The procedure as well is easy. Being tech-savvy is not a requirement in doing this task. 

Protect Your PDF Files Using GogoPDF

Unauthorized access to your social media account is frightening. Sometimes, you would get paranoid thinking about who opened your social media account. Similarly, your PDF files are susceptible to unauthorized access since just by opening your file, and everyone can feast over it. You wouldn’t want that, especially if your files contain confidential information. 

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The best option for you to try is encrypting the password to your confidential PDF file. Luckily, GogoPDF offers you the most comfortable method of protecting your password. With GogoPDF, you can quickly generate a file that has an added layer of protection.

The procedure begins with PDF file selection. After choosing the file, you can put it in their system. Once it is all set, you can type your password. However, one should bear in that password encryption has standard requirements. Your password must be written in upper and lower case combined with both numerical and special characters.

After inputting a password, one should wait for more than a minute, or less than a minute, depending on one’s internet capacity. Once it is finished, you can download your protected PDF file. You will never again be worried about any unauthorized access to your PDF file. 

File Format Compression Tool

With the many incredible features available on the internet today, one can easily download many documents, games, and platforms. With this, the memory of your computer can quickly get full. It would give you a hard time saving your huge file since it would add up to the available space in your disk.

Once you have a massive amount of files, it would give you a hard time sending them to your colleagues or boss. An ideal way of handling these vast files is by compressing them. Not surprisingly, GogoPDF offers you the same comfort that it has provided other tools for your file format alteration. The steps are easy and straightforward, and everyone can utilize them! 

The first time compressing your PDF file is choosing which file to reduce and add it to their compressing tool. Once you have already added the file, the system will start to analyze and compress your files. The time needed for the process would last for a minute, depending on your internet connection. 

If the PDF file is already compressed, you can now download and share it online. The good thing about a compressed PDF file is that you can easily send it online since it contains a lesser memory. It is also convenient since you wouldn’t consume too much time waiting for your files to be sent. 


There you have it, some sample guide for the three essential features of GogoPDF. If you have other needs relevant to file format alteration, you can also check their official website. They also offer other tools. 

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