The reason why you should use QuickBooks Premier Hosting in 2021

QuickBooks is a successfully famous program that enables small and medium businesses to run their accounting processes smoothly. The software comes in different variations which include Premier, Pro, and Enterprise. All of these variants are excellent and can assist streamline a company’s financial and accounting operations.

However here, we will discuss 5 reasons why you should use QuickBooks Premier Hosting in 2021.

  1. Protection and Security

In 2021, the protection of classified business information is one of the biggest difficulties that every organization goes through. Due to approaches in technology, hackers are implemented with highly advanced tools and ready to breach any security error to gain unauthorized access to the company’s confidential database and obtain information to use for illegal purposes.

Using QuickBooks Premier hosting is an excellent way to keep the crucial data of your business guarded against cyber-attacks. It offers two-factor authentication, Intrusion Detection, high-end security, including enterprise-level security, and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), and other defenses, which offer excellent security against any random malware and security threats.

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  1. Accessing Remotely

QuickBooks Premier hosting enables a business to provide remote access to all employees. It enables accountants, CPAs, and managers to obtain access to company information anytime anywhere, which leads to higher efficiency and appropriate decision-making. It works as a centralized hub where there are updated in real-time for all the data and information.

Furthermore, each user can be granted several levels of access. The role-based access control gives assistance to set authority and ensures privacy of data as well as confidentiality. For example, a financial executive may access bank statements, invoices, and other related data, but will not be able to open budgets and other confidential financial information.

  1. Disaster recovery and Back up

In 2021, every business trusts a digital database to support its operations. If the data in the system gets damaged, deleted, or corrupted due to any means, it is crucial to have a backup and recovery system on point to recover the data again. QuickBooks Premier hosting offers disaster recovery and backup, which ensures your company data remains secure and protected.

Most popular hosting providers generate multiple copies of your data, which is stored in various geo-locations around the world. In case of a natural disaster or any dangerous event, you can rest ensured that your company’s data is revivable and secure. It guarantees security against data loss and helps ensure that your business record persists to be up to date.

  1. Enhanced team performance and collaboration

Using QuickBooks Accountant Hosting, an accounting team can work on real-time data together, which increases the flow of work and manages to get better communication and collaboration within the team and the company. It is an excellent option when you try to get outsourced accounting services to help your in-house employees.

Additionally, most hosting providers offer uptime of around 99.99%, which keeps your server running throughout all the time. This makes it possible to run it on a Cloud Desktop as well. In 2021, all the company operations are done in an online environment, hence reducing the downtime can save a vital amount of capital and allow your business to develop and thrive.

  1. Cost savings and flexible pricing plans

QuickBooks Premier hosting providers create flexible pricing plans, which assists in optimizing your monthly and quarterly company budget. The payment option called “pay-as-you-go” means that you have a stronger hold over your budget. Also, this means that without making a large monetary commitment you can scale your business operations up and down.

Moreover, it does not need your business to make an expensive investment in computer equipment or hardware. The software can work on any internet-enabled devices like laptops, desktops, or mobile phones. It can save a tremendous amount of money in money investment or obtaining migration services like Gmail to Microsoft Exchange Migration as well as maintenance and repair that is essential to have the servers up and running at all times.


QuickBooks Premier hosting is the ideal solution to move your business forward in 2021 and beyond. In addition to all these advantages, your business avail benefits of 24/7 customer support and automatic updates to ensure seamless accounting operations and achieve growth.

If you are looking for a reliable QuickBooks hosting service provider, get in touch with Apps4Rent today!

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