The Best Tools and Techniques to Help Your Online Business Thrive 

Entrepreneurs in 2022 have a lot on their plate. From the continued uncertainty surrounding the pandemic to ongoing supply chain issues, business owners have many balls in the air to keep afloat. Luckily, there are also major advantages available to them as well. 

If you are a new business owner (or the owner of an established business looking to migrate more fully to online commerce), there are more tools available to you than ever before to reach customers and expand your business’ footprint. 


Marketing your business online can be daunting, but make no mistake: never before has your advertising been more under your own control than it is now. In the digital age, many people choose to create their own advertisements from scratch, preferring a more organic style of social media marketing; others may choose to go for the more traditional route of paying an advertiser and running banner ads on webpages. No matter how you slice it, though, you have more tools at your disposal than ever before. 

This does often mean more work for a new business owner, but this work can pay huge dividends. Your merchandising can make (or break) your business in only a few pieces of content. For some quality information on how to successfully create your merchandising, consult Fast Simon‘s comprehensive merchandising guide. 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Marketing is great and all, but if potential customers struggle to find your company on search engines, then you will struggle to find them, as well. This is where SEO companies come in. 

While SEO can seem like an empty Internet-age buzzword, it is critical that businesses in this day and age understand the impact it can have on your business. SEO is a systematic way that you can make your business appear more reliable and real to search engine algorithms, leading them to bring your business’ page to the top of its search results.  This guide, from SEO giants Moz, contains a much more comprehensive set of instructions and best practices than I could include here; if you’re new to the ideas and primary tenets of SEO, this is as good a place as any to start.


“Analytics” is a huge term that encompasses many overlapping (and often competing) parts of the business world, and if you’re an online business owner, its reach can seem broader than the businesses itself. But analytics can be incredibly useful and enlightening for you, if you know what you’re looking at. 

At its core, the idea of business analytics is as old as business itself. It attempts to answer the unanswerable question that stumps every business owner: what works for this business, and why? Marketing, merchandising, and SEO are all indebted to analytics, as any conventional wisdom in those worlds is based upon the data that analytics provide.  For more on this hugely expansive topic, check out this summary of its main areas of focus. 


One of the digital age’s greatest innovations is the complete restructuring and overhauling of the hiring process in a way that streamlines the entire process for all parties.  There are specific sites for specific types of work, sites for specific classes of workers, and even sites that can help you find temporary workers for a specific project.  If you’re a business owner, creating and maintaining a presence on even a select few of these websites is an absolute must if you find yourself in need of some extra help.

Do you need someone for a single project immediately?  Freelancing sites like Upwork are great options to get people for a single project, such as creating a website, and can put you into contact with some incredibly talented people.  If you need someone long term and want to find someone who compares very favorably with their peers, larger sites like Indeed can provide you with a wide net with which to search the vast Internet ocean for the person you need.  Whichever site you wind up on, there are plenty of tools available to you to find the person you need.

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Creating an online business presence is daunting at first, to be sure, but once you get into the nitty gritty of what it entails, you will find that the Internet has taken tons of steps to make it easier on you.  No longer is a business owner responsible for knowing everything about getting their business on track; now, there’s multiple industries dedicated specifically to streamlining this early stage and getting your business on track.  Using at least some of these services is a must for new business owners, who already have a ton on their plate, and will help you skip straight to what you want to be doing: reaching new customers, engaging with them, and turning your fledgling business into an online powerhouse.