Summary of the Best Business Analytics Tools

In this era of business, it’s important for organizations of any size to be able to take advantage of anything possible to stand out in their respective marketplace. Businesses are beginning to recognize the importance of data, information about everything from the inner workings of a supply chain to the customer and employee relationship with the company. The power of business analytics is mighty and can do wonders for business strategies and insights for the benefit of an organization.

What is business analytics?

Data sets, from both the present and past, have a crucial role in the future of a company and require proper analysis. Business analytics is the process of gathering business data and applying statistical models to translate that data into business insights. This helps companies gain new insight into the wants and needs of users, with clearly articulated graphs and models to better understand this useful information. This combines processes, skills, and technologies to collect, analyze, and present the historical performance of the business.

The analytical process essentially uses large amounts of historical business data for the purpose of providing insights to evaluate a company. The goal of these analytics tools is to drive business planning, with predictive models that show the direction that an organization is heading that they may not have any awareness of. Business analytics reveal previously unknown insights or identify unanticipated issues to generate new business value. These analytics can be leveraged to create new processes for solving business problems and increasing efficiency and revenue.

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Types of Business Analytics

There are four types of business analytics that when leveraged allow for data sets to be properly analyzed to create solutions for better business operations. Descriptive analytics, for example, delves into historical data to get an understanding of what happened in the business. This is the preliminary stage of data processing to create a summary of business events and a foundation for further analysis. Data mining is the primary method used and is the simplest form of analytics.

Diagnostic analytics, or discovery analytics, is more advanced and enabled by machine learning. This finds interesting patterns and correlations in the data, even without a user asking specific questions. This relies on probabilities, data mining, and correlations to uncover the root causes of certain business problems.

Predictive analytics is focused on forecasting the likelihood of potential outcomes in a business, modeled on historical data to help organizations find patterns in past and current data sets to forecast trends and detect risks. Predictive analytics leads to the development of predictive models that can allow companies to forecast inventory and maximize their opportunities.

Prescriptive analytics is the most mature stage in the business analytics journey. This tells a business what they should do and recommend the actions they should take next. Prescriptive analytics can determine outcomes of each choice that you made, allowing for more confident decisions down the line that can provide a competitive edge to an organization with proper analyses.

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The Benefits and Capabilities

The true benefit of business analytics is in getting a competitive advantage over rivals. Proper data analysis allows for an informational edge to help make a business more intelligent and responsive to market changes. This also helps to make analytics more business-friendly, giving professionals the opportunity to effectively understand their company’s data.

Business analytics brings information and expertise to help guide business decisions and create an information advantage by turning big data into insights. Companies can build statistical models to make projections that allow them to pitch ideas to optimize performance in today’s marketplace. Business analytics are pivotal to standing out in the business world.