3 Advantages of Faceted Search for E-Commerce Sites

When you are running an online store, ensure that users can find whatever they are looking for by having detailed and specific products or services on your website. Usually, they can search for something using your website’s search bar, but have you ever wondered if the search bar can help users find what they are looking for? 

If you want users to find a specific product or service on your website as quickly as possible, you can employ the method of faceted navigation. Most e-commerce sites would have it integrated into their website because of how effective it can be. If your e-commerce site still does not use faceted searches, you can find many benefits that you are missing out on, and which are: 

Benefit #1: Improves Product Searchability

The main reason you would want to utilise faceted navigation is its ability to let users find something very specific at a moment’s notice. Other e-commerce sites usually have filtered searches, which is not the most effective way of searching nowadays. Most of the time, filtered searches are very broad and general, so if you search for “polarised glasses,” you might end up with search results showing all types of glasses. 

However, using faceted search enables users to find a specific product by removing the shopper’s keyword responsibilities. Facets will always be relevant to a certain search query, ensuring that you will never get different recommendations of products or services. You can select multiple facets at one instance, so your users should have no problems searching for something specific on your website. 

Benefit #2: Improves Overall Customer Experience

There is nothing better as an online shopper than finding the right product on a website right away. That is what you can provide to your users whenever you utilise faceted search. Since they can find what they are looking for at a moment’s notice, it increases the chances of their satisfaction with your business. 

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The more you can satisfy customers with your business, the higher the chances of increasing your business revenue over time. More people will try to shop off of your e-commerce site because of how efficient it is. You should know that it only takes a few seconds for a user to leave your website if they cannot find a specific service or product within several seconds. 

Benefit #3: Avoid Null Results

The one thing that most users hate is null results. When you use the search bar and no results show up, it can become frustrating. It becomes even more frustrating if you keep using different search combinations, and nothing would show up. That is a 100% guarantee that users will leave your website quickly. 

However, you can find that faceted search eliminates null results by guiding users in the right direction. And when you configure your search results to only provide facets that have results, online shoppers will never encounter a “no results” page. Free the users of the burden of figuring out what specific keywords they need to put on the search bar using faceted search. 

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Many e-commerce sites have faceted navigation because of their effectiveness at providing customer satisfaction. Even if your business is still new and you already have a website, never forget to utilise facets to gain more profits and provide the best experience for online shoppers. Note that most people nowadays are stuck with online shopping due to the pandemic, so you have to improve your website’s overall functionality so that you can take advantage of this online shopping situation.