Which flooring option is right for your bedroom?


Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Your bedroom should reflect your personal style so that you feel at home every time you enter it. The flooring you choose to put in your bedroom will have a significant impact on how the room functions. It should be comfortable and complement your decorating style. These are the things you should consider when selecting flooring for your bedroom.


Real wood flooring is hard to beat.  Timber flooring brings a timeless appeal to any room. Timber flooring is a popular choice in Queensland because it allows for natural ventilation and cools down rooms. Timber floors can be very cold in winter, especially when you get out of your warm bed. A simple solution is to buy a cosy rug that you can roll out in cooler months.

Engineered timber

Engineered wood can be made using nine layers of various wood veneers. Engineered wood will bring the same timeless appeal to your bedroom as hardwood floors, but at a lower price. Also, it is much easier to install than traditional timber. Your bedroom’s timber flooring is a great choice for any style of interior.

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Carpet comes in an almost endless array of colours and styles, allowing you to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary. The carpet will add warmth and comfort to your bedroom. Carpet is affordable depending on which fibre you choose. Carpet is the best choice for bedrooms because of these reasons. There are two main types of carpets: cut pile and loop pile. Cut pile carpets have fibre loops cut, making them more comfortable to touch. Loop pile carpet is more difficult to clean and harder to touch. The bedroom should determine the type of carpet you choose. A tougher loop pile might suit a child’s bedroom, while a soft cut pile carpet might be better suited for a more intimate adult space.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring comes in a variety of colours so it can be used with any bedroom design. Bamboo flooring is more durable than hardwood floors and can last for years. Bamboo flooring is a great choice because of its fast regeneration. Bamboo is a beautiful choice for a bedroom floor you can feel good about.

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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring looks just like real wood but is much more affordable. Vinyl flooring comes in many styles, making it easy to find the right style for your bedroom. Laying the vinyl yourself can help lower the cost.


Although tiles have not been a popular choice for bedrooms, they are a great option. Although many people think that tiles are too cold for bedrooms, they can be used in areas where it is warm all year. Although it may sound strange to use tiles in your bedroom, they can give your room a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern feel if done correctly.