Compress PDF Files – Online & Free PDF Compressor

A document compression or compressing a document means shrinking the size of the document. People compress documents because the hard drive has a limited amount of space. Sometimes even the smallest of documents take space that can be used for more important files. Compressing a document helps your computer breathe easily as it takes the load off from it—the more space on the hard drive, the faster the computer.

PDF files are widely used because they are dependable and stable. Since most work and tasks are done online, PDF files have been popular since the covid-19 pandemic. People have been submitting their files in PDF format to ensure security and accuracy. PDF files have superior printing precision, regardless of the previous format.

PDF files can also be password safe, providing you with the assurance that they cannot be tampered with. The lightweight text format (PDF) is used to exchange files that you don’t want to alter but want to print. Since it is common to both staff and students, this format has made it easy.

PDF files are tiny, take up little storage space on your disc, and are simple to transfer over the internet. PDF files often represent a strong work ethic and professionalism. You can also password lock the PDF files and can run them on any operating system while maintaining the same format.

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How To Compress PDF File Online.

As you know by now, how important and common PDF files are, and everyone in a large amount uses them. People who are businessmen or people who are working in a hospital use PDF files to save data in files. These places have a large amount of data that they store in their computers. Sometimes the data overloads and space starts to run out. 

This is why compressing PDF files is important; it doesn’t just help the drive with space. It also makes copying or moving files from one place to another easy. As the units of computer files go kilobytes is one of the smallest, most compressed files are in kilobytes. Files that are larger than that take a lot of space and are even harder to move from one device to another.

Thanks to internet availability, you can find countless tools that can help you compress your PDF document. These tools can make your life easier and give you more space on your drive.


One of the best tools for this job is Duplichecker. This website has many tools regarding a PDF file, one of which is the PDF reducer. Just follow the given steps to compress your PDF file right away.

  1. To reduce pdf size online visit on your browser.
  2. On the top right, locate the Tools menu and select the PDF compressor.
  3. Upload your PDF file.
  4. Select compress.

Within a few seconds, you’ll get your compressed file which will make your life easier. It is as simple as it gets. One of the pros of using this tool is that it is free of cost, and it provides you with an accurate file without any data loss.

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This is also a famous tool when it comes to the world of PDF. The process is simple; all you have to do is upload the files and wait for your files to be compressed. The pro of using this tool is that you can upload multiple files at once.


This is another famous tool website on the internet for pdf compression. The steps are the same for all of them as you upload the file and convert it.  The pros of this tool are that it allows you to choose the quality of your compressed file.

Pros of using PDF Files

PDF files are remarkable and are efficient, and they have countless pros; let us look into a few.

  • They print with exceptional precision.
  • It works on every operating system.
  • It can be used in any format.
  • They’re safe and can be shut.
  • It serves as a professional sign.
  • Since they’re tiny, they take up less space on your hard drive.
  • A third party can’t change them.
  • They’re going to be around for a long time.


PDF files will stick around for a very long time as they have made their impact in the world. Everyone loves space on their hard drives, so it is best to compress your files no matter the format. Compressing files can sometimes end you up losing some parts of the file, but it’s a risk worth taking for a few people. 

People were compressing files before knowing the risks, and they will keep doing it even after knowing the risks as the extra space is a good trade to make.