What To Do When Someone Falsely Accuses You of Rape

Being accused of rape is a serious matter. It can not only result in legal problems but ruin the personal relationships in your life. Whether the accusation results from a malicious act or just a case of misidentification, it can cause various troubles for an innocent person. 

If someone has falsely accused you of rape, your entire life is on the line. Like any other criminal case, it is vital to have a criminal defense attorney from Lento Law Firm by your side. In cases like this, you need strong defenses and experienced attorneys who can gather evidence for you.

What to do when someone falsely accused of rape 

  • Educate yourself about the situation. 

Nothing is more terrifying than being in a situation you know nothing about. You may be confused about what to do, what is wrong, and right. Understanding the laws, the legal consequences, and obligations can provide a sense of clarity. It is important that you understand what type of punishments you may face and what you can do to protect yourself. 

If you hire an attorney, they will make sure to educate you about the process and guide you at every step. However, self-educating can help you speed up the process and better understand your attorney’s words. 

  • Find a specialist attorney. 

This is the important step when you have been accused of rape. Rape allegations are serious business, and you must treat them as a case of life and death. It is critical that you find an attorney with extensive knowledge and experience in this particular defense field. 

An attorney who has handled cases of false rape accusations before will be advantageous to your case. Do not forget to research them to make sure they are the right person to handle your case. 

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  • Save money. 

Unfortunately, fighting a court case is nowhere near cheap. There are various costs, like court fees, attorney fees, forensic expert fees, etc., all of which are going to cost a lot of money. Therefore, when you first get notified of the allegations, it is important that you start thinking about money. Stop any unnecessary expenses and work overtime to save enough to hire a good attorney. 

  • Do not contact the accuser. 

It is common for people to become surprised and shocked upon hearing of these allegations. If you are thinking of contacting the accuser to find out why they have made the allegations, it is a terrible idea. Under no circumstances should you contact your accuser. Instead, consult with your attorney to figure out your next move. 

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