Natural or synthetic hair wig the ultimate guide

Nobody said that buying a wig was an easy task. Normally wigs have been designed with the aim of replacing lost hair for whatever reason. The purpose of a wig is to offer a personalized hair aesthetic solution for that person who, for whatever reason or illness, is without hair. However, there are wigs and wigs. And if we go into the matter of which one to choose, whether natural or synthetic human hair wigs, the subject goes a long way. We know that the choice can be complex. To choose correctly, we must first know all the possible information and, only then, will we be successful.

Choosing a wig is a very personal process in which we want you to never feel alone. That is why we have decided to prepare this guide where we will solve all the doubts you may have if you are about to choose a wig. A kind of manual that will help you a lot to know the differences between the types of wigs, what are their advantages, what are their drawbacks, etc… So that, when you finish reading it, the main objective of this guide is fulfilled: that you have a very clear idea and know-how to choose your wig very well.

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Keep reading because in this guide we will talk to the team of professionals at Natural Hair Systems who have been solving their patients’ hair problems for many years. Cases of alopecia, lack of hair density, cancer treatments… Don’t worry because you will have first-hand information that will help you choose the wig you are looking for. Not even wig experts agree because there is no one size fits all solution. There is simply a type of wig for each type of need, for each lifestyle.

Advantages of a synthetic wig

1. They are a very practical hair solution.

Their main advantage of Kameymall wigs is that synthetic wigs are always styled. Why? Well, because the fiber maintains its shape and does not need to recover it again after washing it (as it happens with natural hair). So if you are not very handy with your hair or you do not have much time in your day today,   you will love these wigs. You just have to take them out of the box, put it on, and comb them a little with your fingers, and voila. Easier is impossible!

Both the hairstyles and the color chart of the synthetic wigs that we have at Natural are very extensive. You will find out when you come to see us and start trying on different styles. It is rare not to find a wig that is as close to your current style as possible because there are so many to choose from. The hairstyle you choose will depend on the style and model chosen. Take advantage and if you are going to need a wig, get a makeover. Let yourself be advised by the experts at Natural.

2. They are the first option we recommend for cancer patients.

Hair loss due to temporary alopecia, such as chemotherapy treatments, is a secondary and temporary effect that greatly worries those who suffer from the disease. However, once the treatment is finished, the hair normally grows back.

Depending on the treatment, you will spend a few months or maybe a year receiving chemo. As it is a temporary situation, we recommend synthetic wigs in these cases. This does not mean that if the client wants a natural hair wig we do not offer it. This is what the experts who work at PeluqueríaLurdes, one of the AssociatedCentres of Natural Hair Systems in Spain, assure us. “We simply want to make the client see that, for something transitory, it is easier and more comfortable to opt for a synthetic wig”, they tell us from this hair centre that has been offering the best wigs in Orense for more than 30 years.

3. They are very light.

This is usually very surprising. Synthetic wigs are extremely light and feel very similar to your real hair when you wear them. Today synthetic wigs have evolved so much that it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye and even by touch if we are dealing with natural hair or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair fibers are based on the polyester that we find in some clothes, for example. These fibres burn with heat and deteriorate with friction. In recent years, new generation synthetic hair fibers have come out that are even much more resistant than natural hair. So much so that they resist heat very well. This was something unthinkable not too long ago!

4. Its maintenance is very simple.

Synthetic wigs are normally washed every two or three weeks, depending a bit on your pace of life, if you go to the gym a lot, how much you sweat, etc. The best thing is that once they get wet, they dry in the air and immediately return to their original shape, without losing the hairstyle they had. We know that a cycle of chemotherapy can leave you very tired. Having your wig always ready will help you look prettier with very little effort.

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