What Should You Do If Someone Has Filed A Protection From Abuse Order Against You?

Abuse orders are filed by victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking to protect themselves. However, if an abuse order has been filed against you wrongfully or severely affects your life, you can fight it. Such an order can even prevent you from entering your own house and accessing anything you need from inside it. 

Defending against a protection from abuse order is challenging. You need legal representation to fight aggressively for your future and guide you through the complex legal procedure. Consult an experienced lawyer who understands the order’s impact on you and enables you to defend yourself. 

What steps should you take if you have been served with a protection from abuse order?

  • Do not violate the order. 

You may feel several emotions, such as anger and distress, which may make you want to confront the person that filed it. However, it is essential to remain objective and act rationally. You must obey every term in the order and immediately contact your attorney. Violating the order can result in penalties like imprisonment and fines, criminal charges, and loss of license, employment, and housing. 

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  • Gather favorable evidence. 

Your criminal defense lawyer assesses the grounds on which the order was filed against you. They help you collect evidence that can dismiss the petitioner’s claims. Often, petitioners may make false claims to secure housing or child custody. Evidence such as any relevant pictures, documents, and witness statements can help set the record straight. Do not destroy any evidence that you think may harm your case. 

How can your criminal defense lawyer help you?

It is highly distressing to deal with a protection from abuse order. Even an accidental violation of a single term can risk your future and lead to severe consequences. There is a full hearing before issuing permanent protection from abuse order, and your lawyer is equipped to represent you. They analyze your situation and create customized strategies. Their guidance allows you to prepare for the hearing. They identify and subpoena witnesses, provide defense evidence, cross-examine witnesses and the petitioner, and advocate for you. 

Your criminal defense lawyer can also help you file an appeal against the order within thirty days of it being issued and help you prove and reverse court trial errors. They can also help you modify the order in your favor. Their presence can significantly ease your stress, and with the help of their dedication and experience, you can defend yourself against such an order. 

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