How to Understand the Behavior of Your Website Users

Your website is the social image and representation of your business. It is the way your online customers get to know you. It is also the medium through which they act and engage with you. So, it is essential to understand the interaction between your website and your users. To know this in a more articulate manner, you must understand the behavior of your website users. 

The behavior of the users is a glimpse into their thinking process. By noting the different actions and steps of your users, you can understand their likes and dislikes. This will help you in noting key consumer touchpoints and also re-work your customer experience. 

How to check the behavior of users

There are different ways to understand the behavior of your website users. The main way is to look at the behavior analytics followed by customer feedback or support and user testing. And the easiest way is to rely on a CRO platform like WatchThemLive.

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Before going ahead with the specific monitors for user behavior, it is important to understand the goals of assessing this. Once you have your goals specified, it is more constructive and directed – you would not be jumbled in data and words. The goal can be as per your business needs. It can be to increase sales, get more people to subscribe, or merely get their numbers. Alongside this, you can also set user experience goals. User experience goals refer to the overall feeling and experience that you aim to deliver to the user. You can test this through many different tactics like:

  • User Interface
  • Speed of the website
  • Language of the website
  • Session replay software
  • Ease of virtual communication – consumer support

Once your goals are set, you can work towards understanding the behavior of your users. The first way is by the use of analytics. Analytics are quite useful. You can use google analytics to track the activity of your users. A lot of information is available through this:

    • Source of traffic
  • In-page clicks
  • Bounce rate
  • Likes and comments
  • Exit rate

Google Analytics – or other software’s analytics

These figures can be used to understand the performance of the content and user behavior. When you look at the graphs available on Google Analytics for your business, you will understand the points at which there is a boost or a hindrance. This way, you can access the piece of content that is performing well with your target audience. You can replicate the same style and tone in your other sections of the website as well. 

An important thing to note here is that you have to use the analytics all-in-one. When the dots are connected properly, it paints a more clear picture. For example, you can note the webpage on which the consumers have spent the most amount of time and then compare it with the webpage with the highest bounce rates. You get to assess your movement through these. So, behavior analytics – connected with deep-rooted theories are a good option to explore.

User Testing

You can also venture out towards user testing. User testing is more of an activity for a pilot survey. Nonetheless, a lot of prominent websites have user testing on a routine basis. This is to ensure that the website is still lovely, if not better than the previous design and experience. 

Customer Feedback

The last option is customer feedback. Customers must be allowed to provide feedback on their experience. Even within such behavior of reporting the flaws of your website – it adds trust and reliability from the user’s point of view. 

The communication can be between the user and AI or popularly used chatbots. They are well equipped to answer all the common questions (FAQs). You can also assess the behavior of your users through the questions posed by the users.


Overall, the best way to understand user profile and behavior is through Google Analytics. There are many metrics that assess user movements – from page interaction to time spent on a page – all these movements can be assessed as per the goals of the business. You can also use landing page optimization tools to maximize the best outcome.

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