What are the benefits of NRI Demat Account?

During this zeal and informed enthusiasm toward investing in the share markets, many Indians who are leaving out of India, are willing to invest in the Indian Markets. This is because of the rise of better opportunities in investing in business unicorns, start-ups as well as in some veteran reputed companies. 

NRI Investors in Indian Markets

NRIs are Indians who are now residing outside of India (abroad/foreign land). NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) can register for a special Demat Account for NRIs (NRI Demat Account) if they desire to engage in Indian equity markets. NRIs can invest in shares, bonds, and debentures of many Indian Companies by following simple online account creation methods.

FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) provides the most accurate definition of NRI: NRI refers to an individual who is – “An Indian citizen or a person of Indian ancestry who works or does business or lives in another nation for any peculiar reason whatsoever. An NRI is an Indian citizen who has lived in India for less than 182 days in the previous financial year.”

Importance of Opening an NRI Demat Account with the Right Broker

The online procedure to open an NRI Demat Account is the same as when you open a Demat Account as an Indian Citizen. The real deal lies in choosing the right and appropriate broker who can help you with hassle-free processes and prompt services. 

It is very important to choose your broker while opening an NRI Demat Account as he serves as your single point of contact with the equity markets in India. A reputed broking firm like Choice India, which has vast experience in managing the Demat Accounts and Portfolios of NRIs for years, can save you from all sorts of difficulties and help you with informed and profitable investment decisions.

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The Benefits of a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Account

It is profitable to invest in the Indian stock markets when you are abroad. This provides you with a unique chance to accumulate better future economic opportunities in India. The following are some of the salient advantages if you decide to open an NRI Demat Account

  • Financial Planning

A good brokerage company has extensive experience in the financial planning of their NRI clients’ funds. They provide you with solid financial plans that are designed to help their NRI clients build and maintain healthy portfolios.

  • Client-Specific Approach

Every NRI has a distinct financial objective. A good firm collaborates closely with them and offers them client-specific, tailored services. For the NRI clients, they take a holistic strategy that encompasses financial product curation, financial trend forecasting, portfolio management, and tax planning.

  • Diverse Disciplines

A reputed brokerage firm uses its expertise and experience in a variety of fields and coordinates all of the aspects to preserve the NRI clients’ money while attempting to maximise profits.

  • Specialization

Many firms like Choice India excel at managing NRI accounts’ portfolios. Because of their client-centric approach, they have built a devoted customer base throughout the years.


Due to ease and access to digital portals, more and more Indian Investors abroad are looking forward to seizing the golden opportunity of investing in the Indian Markets. For investing in the markets they must open an NRI Demat Account with a reputed firm, which would make their journey in the Indian Markets easy and hassle-free. 

Opening an NRI Demat Account comes with benefits like profound financial planning, investments as per your specific requirement and in the diverse disciplines. If you are an NRI and invest with a renowned firm like Choice India, it would make your portfolio solid and your financial future safe!

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