3 ways Financial Advisor Software is Reshaping the Industry

It’s no exaggeration to declare that, in our rapidly advancing and evolving 21st century, digital technologies are totally revolutionising just about every single industry.  From ordering lunch to managing our money, we have more power and control than ever before – without needing to do much more than tap and swipe a tiny screen that sits neatly in the palm of our hands.

But it’s perhaps the financial sector that stands out from the crowd even more than the others.  Sure, Uber may have started the revolution, those real estate apps help us plan our next moves, and E-commerce makes buying and selling a cinch.  But banking apps are in the top 3 most used on every adult’s phone in Australia, 9 in 10 Aussies prefer the app over face-to-face service, and by 2023, mobile payments will be neck-and-neck with debit cards in terms of how we pay for things.  And that’s not all: our fast-paced lives combined with the ability to get things done no matter where we are – from dealing with a cheque to watching your investments to getting actual real-life and personalised financial advice – it’s no surprise that managing your money has never been easier than now.

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However, it’s the very existence of financial advisor software and apps that is the real game-changer.  How’s that?  Because it’s not just the consumer that benefits, but the service providers as well.  In the pre-app world, it was easy to allow the obvious benefits of financial advice to be swallowed up by the time, expense, complexity and hassle of exploring the traditional financial advice routes.  And for the provider, it’s never been easier to stay connected with clients, keep ahead of their changing needs, and keep smiles on faces.  With software on our side, especially in the form of intuitive, accessible, easy-to-navigate mobile apps, the benefits are right there to be grasped:

  1. Time

With the humans in the driver’s seat, financial advice is cumbersome, complex and – above all – incredibly time-consuming.  By putting accessible technology at the wheel, though, you’re offloading the repetitive, tedious and slow process, whilst at the same time dramatically slashing the risk of human error and wielding the power of digital precision.

  1. Money

Traditional financial advice can be great, but the costs and fees take big chunks out of any upsides.  With financial advisor software, not only can the time-savings be counted in dollars, that free time can be ploughed into other money-making tasks while the technology works its magic to grow your wealth.

  1. Simplicity

As suggested earlier, the big and brutally honest turn-off about the financial advisory sector is that it’s slow, boring and so difficult for the non-experts to even understand.  It’s no surprise that the primary goal of the software and app developers is to tackle those basic facts, but better still is that entrusting your affairs to a single, powerful platform means you can wave goodbye to your tangled-up mess of multiple subscriptions and financial avenues.  The financial advisor apps of today, however, can be navigated just like Facebook or Uber, opening up a vast new audience – for providers and clients alike – to the exciting and lucrative can of worms that the personal financial sector can be.

What features should you be looking for in your financial advisor software? From doing away to boring old forms, making interactive financial plans, activating reminders and even handling all of your client’s data in a single platform and much more, the perfect software or app for you is out there.  Talk to a financial advisory industry expert today to find the platform that will work for you.

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