Top 5 Benefits of Customizing Your Skateboard with Stickers

In the modern-day, most of the Gen Z in the United States has one skateboard. As it’s illegal to ride skateboards on a busy street or a pedestrian path, they have their skateboard park. 

Many people don’t get satisfied with the normal look of their skateboard. But some of them prefer some bright colors, whereas some prefer attractive decals on their board. 

Carving stickers on skateboards is easy. You just have to be confident about the design you’re using as skateboard stickers are extremely hard to remove once installed. 

However, there are no restrictions on using stickers on skateboards. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 unknown benefits of skateboard stickers that you should remember. Let’s begin.

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They Enhance the Attractiveness of Your Skateboard

Do you know why many people love skateboards? Not because they are lightweight and easy to drive, but also they’re extremely attractive. From the color of the board to the design, everything makes a skateboard unique from one another. 

If you want your skateboard to look more attractive, the best way to achieve that is by applying decals. Skateboard decals come in thousands of shapes and designs to choose from. Apart from that, they also have thousands of colors. Hence, you should be careful while applying stickers on your skateboard as some stickers might not seem relevant to the board. 

They Protect the Paint

The paint is one of the most attractive and creative things on a skateboard. Apart from decals, it’s the only thing that will make the board visually appealing. However, unlike car paint, skateboard paint isn’t durable. Though they will last for 2-3 years, you’ll notice that the color is fading away after numerous encounters with harsh weather. According to Surfer Today, skateboard decals can also help you to protect the old deck.

You can enhance the longevity of the colors in your skateboard by applying decals. They will also protect the paint from extreme sun rays or UV exposures. 

You Can Boost Your Business

Some small businesses use skateboard stickers to boost their business. It’s a fact that small businesses suffer from the budget. Using the other traditional marketing method to boost their business isn’t affordable for them. Unlike car decals, skateboard stickers require less money to be designed.  

After designing stickers, they approach skateboard owners and ask them to apply their stickers on the board. As these types of stickers are easily removable, you can remove them from your board after some time. 

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They Make Your Board Water-Resistant

Skateboards are not suitable to withstand wind. As the primary material of a skateboard is wood, you should not use your skateboards in rain. However, many people use water-resistant colors to protect the material of their board. This process is not only expensive but also time-consuming. 

If you’re looking for other solutions to make your board water-resistant, then consider using decals. Most of the skateboard decals are made of vinyl that makes them highly weather-resistant. On the other hand, you can ride skateboards even in the rain as the stickers will prevent the water from getting into the wood. 

They Are Affordable

Skateboard stickers are extremely affordable. Many people assume that the price of skateboard stickers increases as per the customization. However, this is nothing but a myth. You can choose stickers that are creative as well as large. It will just cost you extra few bucks.

No matter how much customization you make on the deck of your skateboard, you won’t have to pay extra money for decals apart from the printing process.  


These are the top 5 benefits of using skateboard decals. Remember skateboard stickers are only effective as long as you choose a good design. An attractive design will boost the appearance of your board. On the other hand, if you don’t focus while choosing the perfect decal, you might end up ruining the visual appearance of your skateboard.