Things to do in Durant Oklahoma

Good things, they say, come in small packages, and Oklahoma is not an exception. One can start doing numerous things when on a trip to Oklahoma, ranging from magnificent tourist sites to entertaining things.

Oklahoma City Landmarks

There are numerous landmarks in Oklahoma City you could check out whenever you are there.

  • Boston Avenue United Methodist Church: It is widely regarded as among the most beautiful examples of ecclesiastical Art Deco architecture in the United States.
  • Cherokee National Capitol: From the moment it was finished until 1907 when Oklahoma became a state, it served as the Cherokee government’s headquarters. 
  • Gilcrease Museum: It is located northwest of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It houses the world’s biggest and most extensive collections of American West art and a developing collection of art and artefacts from Central and South America.
  • Museum of Osteology: It is a private museum for the study of bones and skeletons.
  • National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum: It houses over 28,000 art pieces and artefacts from Western and American Indian cultures.
  • Science Museum Oklahoma: It features the Kirkpatrick Planetarium and numerous specialist galleries.

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Things to do in Henryetta Oklahoma

Henryetta is in the Eastern part of Oklahoma, and it offers tourists and residents lots of fun things that the whole family can do.

  • Aquarium Oklahoma: It contains over 100 fascinating exhibits that let families of all ages experience a wide variety of colourful, strange, and wonderful aquatic species! 
  • Jenks Planetarium: It is located on the Jenks High School campus, lets students truly comprehend and engross themselves in the night sky through the breath taking shows within the dome!
  • Bounce U: It is a great opportunity for children just to be themselves, has a good time, and burn off some of the energy we all know they have.
  • Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum: It is jam-packed with activities for curious kids. There’s a wonderful imagined village where kids could pretend to be a variety of jobs – maybe they wish to be like their parents!
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park Tulsa: It is all about having a good time with your kids, attempting to keep them energised, and jumping.

Factory Tours in Oklahoma

It is no wonder that Oklahomans produce some incredible goods, and they are popular throughout the country for fantastic things. But are you aware that you could tour four wonderful facilities to discover how these things are made? Do not miss out on the chance of personally witnessing the magic that occurs in these factories still permitting tours.

  • Bedre Fine Chocolates: It is dedicated to producing high-quality chocolates. Their gourmet chocolates are popular around the country.
  • Round House Manufacturing: It is the biggest and most prominent manufacturer of American manufactured jeans and overalls globally as they produce around 1,000 pairs daily.
  • Field’s Pies: It began with the founder cooking pies in her house in the small community of Pauls Valley in 1922. It produces German Chocolate, Lemon Chess pie, Pumpkin pies, and pecan Pie accounts for 85 per cent of its output.
  • Braum’s Dairy Farms: It is situated near Tuttle, Oklahoma, and is ranked amongst the biggest ranches in the state. It provides visitors with a tour of their farm and factory for free so that they can learn how their excellent ice cream and delicacies are produced.

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Things to do in Muskogee Oklahoma

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Do not be fooled by Muskogee’s lack of popularity compared to other American cities. Muskogee is a modest but lovely, up-and-coming tourist resort worth visiting. Some of the interesting things to do and travel destinations at this secret getaway will astound you.

  • At the Castle of Muskogee, you could go back in time: Castle of Muskogee is a captivating feature on Muskogee’s terrain, oozing with a melancholy Dark Ages vibe.
  • Attend a show at Muskogee Little Theatre: Muskogee Little Theatre is a fantastic performing arts venue that is the destination to go for exciting entertainment. This theatre presents a diverse range of thrilling theatrical productions and riveting Broadway-style performances.
  • River Country Water Park offers numerous water sports to keep you cool: This water park in Muskogee is the ideal place to cool down during the hot summer months, with a fantastic lazy river that you could float down indefinitely, a network of slick water slides, and wacky water attractions.
  • The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame is a great place to learn about the state’s musical history: The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame is committed to protecting Oklahoma’s illustrious musical legacy, which is on full exhibit in this fascinating museum.
  • Honor Heights Park offers a stroll through Eden-like grandeur: Honor Heights Park is not only a beautiful public park, but it is also the city’s most popular tourist attraction.