Reasons to Use a TV Wall Mount 

How is your TV set up at home? Is it just plonked onto a cabinet at one end of the living room? Or have you found another solution for it? One common alternative people use is a TV wall mount. This allows the TV to be placed on the wall instead if needing any kind of cabinet or other to sit on. You’ve more than likely seen these mounts before.

If you’ve ever considered TV wall mount installation for your home, then you were certainly thinking along the right lines! Here are some of the best reasons to get your TV mounted on that wall.

  1. Space Saver

The first and most obvious benefit of getting a TV wall mount is to enjoy the space-saving advantages that come with it. If you’re living in an apartment and already have limited space, then why take up precious surfaces with your TV set? Mount it on the wall and you free up some valuable real-estate for your other belongings.

Even in a larger space, the wall-mounted TV not only creates more space, but makes those spaces easier to clean. If you’re dusting around the house, it’s much easier to clean the cabinet under the TV when there’s no television sitting on it! Furthermore, if you’re really looking to save on space, then mounting the TV removes the need for any kind of cabinet or table to go underneath it. You can just keep all the floor space there free and clear.


  1. Wall Recesses Can Tidy Wires

On top of saving space, a wall-mounted TV can also help to make your TV area look much tidier in general. Normally, the TV area of your living room or bedroom can become a tangled mess of cables and wires. Wall mounts can allow you access to specially made recesses that are designed to keep all the TV cables behind the set, and thus make a much tidier and cleaner-looking space.

Besides just looking tidier, that can also mean your living room is a lot safer if you have young kids or even just accident-prone family members who might trip over stray cables.

  1. Optimize Your TV Position to Reduce Glare

Are there times of day when you feel you just can’t watch TV because you either have to deal with glare, or darkening the entire room in the middle of the day and that just feels wrong? When TVs are mounted on the wall, you can usually quickly and easily position it however you need to avoid the glare. When you have a standing set, that’s much harder because you can normally only turn it to the left or right, and even then only as much as the TV cabinet will allow.

You also run the risk of tipping your TV over if you try to adjust a standing set. Wall-mounted sets are fully secure and you can jostle it into whatever position you need without fear or difficulty.

  1. Easier to Install Than You Think

Some people tend to think of TV wall mounts as being difficult or otherwise problematic to install. In fact, this is not the case. If you buy the mount from a professional supplier, installation should come as part of the deal, at which point they can come to your home and make the entire process look very easy. In reality, a mount is just a metal frame that is secured to your existing wall. The job of putting it up is both straightforward and even if you have to pay extra, it’s affordable.

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