Increase Instagram Followers: 3 Winning Strategies in 2021

In this new guide I have decided to summarize the 3 best strategies to increase Instagram followers in 2021.

The strategies I’m about to reveal to you are the best ever to increase followers in 2021. No tricks or apps for Instagram potentially harmful to your profile.

This is not a guide for those looking for shortcuts or for those interested only in numbers and appearances. Here we want to lay the foundations for creating a truly successful profile. All techniques must be read and assimilated. I promise I’ll be brief.

  • Starting with GetInsta

GetInsta is the followers and likes apk for, which is a specialist that assists Instagram users in gaining active and actual Instagram followers as well as increasing their Instagram likes quickly and for free. You can get followers and likes by using this Instagram auto liker.

This website and product attract a large number of genuine Instagram users, so there will be no bots on GetInsta. All of your Instagram followers and likes come from live Instagram profiles. The website and its followers & likes app GetInsta are completely secure and risk-free; there will be no malware or viruses when uploading or installing. 

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Here’s an example for you to have a 1000 free Instagram followers trial:

  • Get GetInsta for free and update it on your phone.
  • Sign up for a GetInsta account and log in.
  • Enter your Instagram handle. You can only sign up to 5 Instagram accounts.
  • Tap the person-shaped menu at the bottom to access the “Get Followers” tab. To swap supporters, coins may be used. When you pick a certain number of followers, you will get the same number of views. You can also choose the “Daily Plan” to gain Instagram followers and views on a daily basis.
  • The bottom coin-shaped menu takes you to the “Store” tab. You can buy coins at a fair price on this tab. You will easily gain a significant number of Instagram followers if you have enough coins


  • Find your niche on Instagram

Today to become popular on Instagram it is necessary to identify a very specific niche, perhaps not beaten by the masses and to establish itself as a true reference point in the sector. You could be an aspiring influencer or a company, it doesn’t make the slightest difference.

Take at least an hour for a short market survey. For example: which fashion niche best represents you? Who are your competitors? Which audience do you intend to address? What followers do you want to get on Instagram? Free Instagram followers? A simple search through popular hashtags will give you more answers than you might think.

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  • Create your style: a unique editorial plan

Image is everything on Instagram. Try to be original, use filters or create your own unique style. The success of the company lies in the capacity to be original.

We are always in the study process. An essential phase that requires time and attention. A clarification: whether you are creating a profile from scratch or you have an account with thousands of followers, what you are reading will help you to create or rethink your project on Instagram.

They are telling you a big lie. Many argue that increasing followers on Instagram organically is now practically impossible. I suggest you read my guide about it. It is still strictly relevant.

There are countless success stories out there, maybe just born right in your industry. Look for them, draw inspiration from them, and then think about how you could make them even better. When you understand this, you will have done 50% of the work. The rest will be strategy and that’s why I’m here.

There are several ways to achieve a unique style. Many use special filters using Lightroom. The only risk is to make the profile too flat, photos so similar as to make the whole rather boring.

Others prefer to focus on types of colors that are repeated as in the case of my profile. The goal is to make the page elegant. Be careful because creating an ideal environment in this sense will allow you to become much more attractive in the eyes of brands.

Companies pay a lot of attention to these aspects and would never publish their products on a profile that does not represent their tastes.