Best Xbox One accessories all the extras you need to own

The Xbox One console is a tempting purchase for any avid gamer. It not only gives you access to exclusive games but also allows you to play with a level of comfort that is not available for the PC user. However, the Xbox ecosystem is not limited to one console. Having acquired the necessary Xbox compatible accessories, you can expand your gaming capabilities and get a much more vivid impression of the gameplay.

Gaming TV

A properly selected TV will provide a high-quality image in games, which is especially important for connoisseurs of advanced graphics. Since the most productive version of the Xbox One X supports 4K (Ultra HD) resolution, it makes sense to choose a TV with the appropriate screen resolution. And with an eye on the next generation of Xbox Series x consoles, you can pay attention to the 8K TV. The degree of clarity and realism of the image will be even higher if the device supports HDR technology.

Smart TV functionality (built-in Internet access) will also be quite useful for the gamer. This feature will allow you, for example, to switch to Youtube at any time and view an overview of the game you are interested in or the passage of a difficult place.

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Wireless gamepad with adapter

An additional gamepad will never be superfluous, especially if it was only one in the game console. The Microsoft Xbox ONE controller is compatible with both Xbox One and PC, allowing you to use XInput technology to play almost any modern games on a Windows computer without installing drivers or additional settings. An advanced Bluetooth adapter is included. It provides the ability to simultaneously connect up to 8 gamepads and transmit stereo audio wirelessly.

Battery for wireless gamepad

The Xbox One controller is powered by batteries that need to be changed periodically. And it is better to have a strategic supply of batteries. The problem is solved by purchasing a charging kit that includes a battery and a USB cable for connecting it. The battery is installed in the gamepad in place of the batteries, and you can charge it at any time – even during the game, even after it, even when the console is sleeping. The built-in cable indicator clearly shows the charging progress.

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Wireless headset

High-quality surround sound is as important for deep immersion in the game atmosphere as the picture. Wireless stereo headset Razer Thresher 7.1 for Xbox One will reveal all the ideas of developers to the full. Headphones allow you to sit comfortably away from the transmitter and enjoy the gameplay for up to 16 hours without recharging.

Artificial leather ear pads with memory effect ensure proper comfort during long-term wear. The functionality of the device is extended by the retractable digital microphone and conveniently located control buttons that configure all the necessary parameters.

Feedback gaming steering wheel

Thrustmaster steering wheel with pedals allows you to feel like a real racer in car simulators on Xbox One and PC. From edge to edge, the steering wheel makes 2.5 turns — this is a full-fledged emulation of the steering wheel. Force feedback simulates the effort and recoil on the steering wheel during skidding, off-road driving, braking, etc. Vibration mode adds realism and vivid impressions.

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Game chair with footrest

Playing on the console using improvised furniture (such as a sofa or chair) is not always convenient. Especially if this furniture is far away from the TV. It is much more comfortable to use a special gaming chair, which can be quickly moved to the desired distance, to adjust the height of the seat and the angle of the backrest. An additional advantage of this chair over conventional analogs is the presence of a retractable footrest, which will make a long game session more comfortable.

External hard drive + Xbox Game Pass subscription

If the hard disk space of your console is not large enough, you can always increase the space for games using an external HDD. The Seagate Game Drive series of external drives is designed specifically for Xbox One. The hard drive quickly connects to the console via USB 3.0 Type A, and in a moment you can start playing without any settings. An Xbox Game Pass is provided as a bonus for purchasing a device.

Xbox LIVE subscription

A subscription to the Xbox LIVE network service provides access to online and multiplayer modes, a video game store, and a social network for gamers. The Xbox LIVE user has the opportunity to receive substantial discounts, download several free games monthly, as well as demo versions and add-ons.