How to stay young after 50: Activity is a Key 

Aging is a gift, but it can also be a pain. Making sure that your body has the exercise and nutrition it needs to keep on rolling will take more focus when you turn 50 and beyond. Additionally, you and your doctor may need to have some conversations about challenges you’re facing so you can get the right tests done to repair any imbalances.

Body changes with age and cell regeneration

We start to lose muscle mass in our 30’s. This condition is known as sarcopenia. It gets worse as you get older, and from age 50 on, the loss each decade can be as much as 15%.

In addition to losing muscle mass, our metabolisms begin to slow down, making it much easier to gain fat as we lose muscle. Because it’s the muscle around our bones that keeps them healthy and oxygenated, movement is critical to good health after 50.

Why do we get old and slow down?

Over time, toxins do damage to our existing cells. Our skin loses firmness and our hair loses color. Additionally, our ability to build new cells slows down. Our regenerative powers take more time, and environmental damage has time to dig in and start to break down our tissues.

Hormonal changes can also slow us down. Loss of testosterone in men reduces the ability to build and maintain muscle mass, and loss of estrogen and progesterone in women reduces muscular flexibility. 

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How activity and active lifestyle can help to stay young?

An active lifestyle gets your body and brain in the habit of motion. If you are used to getting up and walking the dog in the morning, you have a need for 

  • motion
  • companionship
  • sunlight

Stop walking the dog and your body and brain will feel off. You may feel foggy and start to have joint pain and stiffness. Worse, as we lose the ability to convert Vitamin D as we age, losing that time in the sun can leave us tired and lethargic.

Aging, Hormones and Sport

If you are a competitive person, the game is the key. While an introvert may love walking that dog, a competitive person may consider it a task but might not enjoy it that much.

In that case, it is time to change up the activity to suit your capacities right now. If you played tennis or basketball and have injuries that prevent this, switch to pickleball. Find a group of fellow over-50s and meet up once a week to learn this new sport.

You will notice your habits changing. As you start to look forward to your weekly game, you may choose to get your own racket and ball so you can practice against the garage or on an empty court. This daily practice could actually raise both your spirit and your HGH levels.

What can we do for it?

Habits are automatic actions that we don’t have to think about. As possible, build up new habits that make both good health and movement your go-to choice. Consider also adding micro-habits to your exercise routine. Each time you use the bathroom, do ten wall plank pushups before you leave the restroom.

Spend more time on fresh air and movement

Before you go to bed, set out your walking shoes and put a full water bottle in the refrigerator. The shoes are your reminder, your walk in the sun is your routine, and cool water is your reward. Your walking habit will become a need.

Check HGH levels and get the necessary HGH therapy

If your energy level is dangerously low, schedule an appointment with your physician for blood work. You could be suffering from endocrine issues, up to and including pituitary problems. The sooner you get it checked, the sooner you can get your levels back in balance. Don’t worry and remember – such issues with HGH for men over 40 are a pretty common.

Eat and drink healthy

What do you see when you open the refrigerator? If the first thing on the shelf is a soda, you are probably getting too much processed sugar. If the first thing you see is a diet soda, you could still be risking your teeth.

Juice is healthier, but you may still be short on fiber and roughage. Of course, the first thing you want to drink is water. Consider investing in a countertop filter or a refrigerator filter pitcher to make water your go-to.

To build a healthy diet, especially after 50, take a look at your plate. Your gut, heart and brain will all do better if you can move toward a plant based diet. The further up the food chain you eat, the harder your body has to work to harvest nutrients from what you eat. If your energy is low, try eating closer to the ground for four weeks and keep a journal.

How to make your life full of activities and sports

Socialization is key to a healthy heart, brain and spirit. Sign up for group classes or learn a new team sport. Yoga and tai chi can greatly improve your balance, while shadow boxing and pickleball can improve your footwork.

Bottom line

Ultimately, inertia is both mental and physical. Parking yourself in a chair will make getting up harder. Building a life that pairs each activity with movement is a habit that will help you stay healthier.

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