How Stereotypes Can Hurt Your Case in a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

From the safety and styles to the people riding them, the motorcycle industry has changed tremendously. Unfortunately, regardless of the changes, it’s common for people to stereotype motorcycle riders. Motorcyclists are stereotyped as reckless, crazy riders that are disrespectful of automobile drivers. The reality is that motorcyclists are safe drivers and they actually follow the rules of the road; they respect other drivers and don’t break the rules simply to irritate automobile drivers.

Not only do motorcyclists continually deal with an unfair stigma of being aggressive and reckless, but these stereotypes often hurt their case after being involved in an accident that was no fault of the motorcycle rider. Here are some of the stereotypes that may hurt your case if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcyclists Despise Automobiles

Whatever the vehicle, it’s important to keep in mind that in most situations the vehicle isn’t the issue, it’s the driver that can make things difficult. The fact is that it isn’t that motorcyclists don’t like automobiles; it’s the drivers that don’t pay attention to the possibility of a motorcycle being on the road that irritates them. Automobile drivers make vehicles dangerous, not only for themselves, but for motorcyclists as well. So, how can this affect your case if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident that involves an automobile? As the motorcyclist, you may be portrayed as a motorcyclist that ended up in an accident because of your dislike of automobiles.

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Motorcyclists are Full of Road Rage

There is no denying that there are things that irritate motorcyclists while they are on the road. However, it isn’t because of the automobile or the driver; it’s the vulnerability that a motorcyclist has while they are on the road. Yes, automobile drivers are vulnerable, but in most situations, there is a better chance of an automobile escaping a catastrophic accident than someone on a motorcycle.

It’s this vulnerability that makes riders apprehensive about being passed by an automobile or tailgated by an automobile. In the majority of situations when a motorcyclist encounters a driver that “invades” their space, it is generally road rage that causes them to speed off, it’s the vulnerability they feel about a potential collision with the automobile.

Motorcyclists Have a Death Wish

No one can deny the fact that a motorcycle may be dangerous, but it is ridiculous for people to think that simply because someone rides a motorcycle, they have a death wish. Generally, motorcycle riders understand the risks, and they generally take all precautions necessary to avoid being involved in an accident. Their primary goal is utilizing something they enjoy as a mode of transportation.

Unfortunately, many people assume that simply because there are more risks involved in riding a motorcycle than in driving an automobile, the person who chooses to ride a bike must have a death wish. The truth is, motorcyclists don’t have a death wish, they do not hop on their bike and think this is going to be the last day they will ride; they simply want to get from point A to point B without getting there in an automobile.

Beyond Stereotypes and Placing Blame on the Motorcyclists 

There are many reasons why automobile drivers, especially those that have never ridden a motorcycle may violate the right-of-way when it comes to motorcyclists. For instance, a motorcycle is smaller in size, so it may be more difficult to see or easily obscured in the blind spot of a large vehicle. It’s also common for automobile drivers to not be familiar with the movements of a motorcycle, which leads to failure to yield right of way on behalf of the automobile driver.

Motorcycle riders have the same privileges and rights on the road as automobiles, so it is important for other drivers to be on the lookout for motorcycles and to be aware of the safety needed when sharing the road. Being involved in a motorcycle accident is scary, stressful and many situations, life-threatening. Unfortunately, many insurance companies as well as court systems, especially a jury, tends to automatically find fault for the accident on the motorcyclist without having the true facts. The fact is that the majority of accidents involving motorcycles and automobiles are caused by the driver of the automobile.

It is extremely important that there not be any preconceived judgements or personal bias when it comes to finding the appropriate fault and the awarding of compensation when it comes to cases for motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, it is common for people to distrust motorcycle riders and representatives of the judicial system aren’t immune to these feelings of prejudice. Insurance adjusters also may fall into these thoughts of prejudice and may offer a significantly reduced compensation offer. For these reasons it is extremely important that you retain the services of an attorney that is experienced and knowledgeable in handling motorcycle accidents.

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