How to Get a Lovely Cover for Your Loveseat – a Buyer’s Guide

Getting a good slipcover is ideal for giving a little bit extra charm to your cozy loveseat. Not only this, but you can also ensure a better life and more endurance for your loveseats with seat covers on. However, before you buy a slipcover, it is ideal to consider some important things to ensure that you choose the best products. Slipcovers are an easy way to transform your living space, which is also budget-friendly compared to replacing your old loveseat with a new one or re-upholstering the furniture. With good covers on, you can protect your loveseats from pets, kids, spills, stains, and more. There are various types of slipcovers available for different types of seats: sofas, accent chairs, loveseats, dining chairs, etc.

Before you get on to buy a good cover for your loveseat, three important things to consider are fit, proper measurements and material used. Let us explore these in detail.

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  1. Proper fit

The first and foremost thing to consider while buying a slipcover is to consider how well it may fit on into your furniture. A slipcover is known to fit the best on standard shape loveseats and also on traditional sofas. However, some of the readymade slipcovers may be hard to fit custom-made furniture. Based on the type of furniture you need to cover, you may choose a variant from the major two options:

  1. One-piece slipcovers, which offer a wide range of sizes. Also, they can be removed easily to wash.
  2. Multi-set slipcovers come in two or more pieces for each cushion on the loveseat. Your loveseat may mimic the elegant look of the normal sofa with a cleaner and seamless look with these on.
  3. Proper measurement

Once you finalize the type of slipcover to choose, take your loveseat measurements to find the most appropriate size loveseat cover. You may first measure the outside edge of one arm to the other edge of the distant arm. Based on the size of the furniture, you may remember these important measures as below:

  • A full-size universal slipcover may be measuring about 74 inches x 96 inches.
  • Standard loveseat-sized slipcover may be between 58 inches to 73 inches.
  • A Chair-sized slipcover may fit the smaller furniture by measuring 32 inches to 40 inches.

Ensure that you measure the actual distance between the bottoms of your sofa to the floor. Also, remember some standard slipcovers may come with pleated or ruffled skirts.

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  1. Material choice

Choosing an apt material for your loveseat cover may depend on the usage of your loveseat. Slipcovers for these may be available in different materials like wool, cotton, polyester, linen, spandex, etc. Some other standard considerations in terms of slipcover materials are:

  • Heavy cotton, twill blend, canvas: There are highly durable materials ideal for furniture installed in heavy traffic areas.
  • Polyester, spandex, and micro-suede: These are stretchable fabrics that create a form-fitting cover that looks modern and stylish.
  • Wool, silk, and linen: Offer a luxurious and elegant feel; these are made of fine fabrics and require dry cleaning.

Finally, you can also choose the most appropriate color as slipcovers are available in any imaginable color nowadays. Take your time to consider all these factors and end up with the best possible selection of quality loveseat covers.