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In this technology-driven world, every company has its own portal for the employees. This trend is now followed by schools, colleges, and universities across the globe. The best part of such online portals is more amount of work is covered within a short period effortlessly. In this article, we’ll be talking about a student portal of a renowned educational organization, Garden City University, Bangalore.

If you are a student at this university or planning to complete your graduation, then this article is for you. First, let’s talk about the benefits of Garden City University’s student portal.

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What Are The Advantages Of Garden City University Portal? 

  • Student portal is also known as the Student Information System. The GCU student portal is a virtual relationship between instructors and students. GCU provides multiple professional graduation courses for the students. With this student portal, completing the course will be like a cakewalk.
  • The topmost benefits of the GCU student portal are that any student can connect with the instructors instantly round the clock. Even if the student is sitting miles away, he/she will be in touch with the instructors. In simpler words, there is an effortless communication between the faculty and students.
  • As we know that some individuals don’t prefer full-time courses because of their hectic work schedules. GCU offers various executive professional courses for part-time students. Such students can submit their assignments through this portal.
  • When we talk about submitting assignments, apart from part-time students, general students can also directly submit their assignments through this portal. But, only limited courses accept online assignments.
  • Sometimes, students cannot attend their classes due to unfortunate students. In GCU, students can directly ask for sick leave from their instructors. Apart from online class groups, students are also connected to classmates through this portal.
  • As you also know that instructors are available on this portal 24/7. Through this portal, instructors provide academic advising to every student. Instructors advise students based on their latest reports. In simpler words, personal time and priority are given to every student.
  • If you are a parent, then you should always have a look at your student’s academic report. On this portal, faculty directly send reports to the parents/guardians on their registered mail id and phone number. Therefore, parents can always have a look at their student’s academic reports through this portal.
  • GCU student’s portal is the only official gateway for the students and teachers and views the information accordingly. This portal also features cloud storage where official data of students and teachers are stored.
  • On this portal, every information can be easily accessed, and there is an organized record of the students and teachers. Apart from active students, the record of passed out graduates is also stored in this portal.
  • Academic activities such as quizzes and other elective tasks are also available on this portal. Apart from academic activities, the daily attendance of every student is updated at the end of the day by the instructors.
  • On this portal, the latest notifications and news about the university is also updated by the faculty. The details related to exams and mid exams such as timings and class numbers are also updated on this portal.
  • In the GCU student’s portal, the lectures and courses are also updated by the teachers. This is the most useful feature of this portal for the students. If students are sick or not available to attend the lectures, they can directly download their lectures through this portal.

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These were some of the major benefits of the GCU student portal. Now let’s know the login process of this portal.

Login Process Of GCU Student Portal

Whenever a student joins this university, he/she gets a username and password to login to this portal. But, this username and password should be kept confidential by every student. Now, let’s know the process of login into this portal.

  • Students have to first open their browser and paste this link: http://student.gardencity.university/. This is the official link to this portal.
  • Now, students just have to enter their username and password. After entering the login credentials, just click the ‘’Login’’ button below.

Now, you can successfully access your account. This was the whole login process of the GCU student portal.