Here are 10 UX design best practices for 2022 – Is your company using any of them?

UX design best practices can change every year. In this article, you will learn more about what UX trends are most likely to shape 2022!

UX design trends in 2022 – Why is user experience (still) so important?

UX (user experience) design is arguably one of the most important fields in 2022 in web development, digital marketing, and product development. Its main aim is to bridge the gap between companies and their users, by implementing digital and physical designs that are in line with the expectations and needs of the target audience.

As such, the goal of any UX design best practice in 2022 is to continuously increase customer satisfaction and prevent them from looking for similar options among your competitors. It also directly supports your conversion rate – visitors turning to subscribers or repeat buyers.

Companies like Ergomania UX agency can plan and create all sorts of user experience designs. Without further ado, here are 10 popular UX design best practices and trends in 2022 that businesses will most likely request from UX companies!

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  • Responsive UX design

Responsive UX design is a best practice that focuses on adjusting interfaces to fit any screen, ensuring a consistent quality user experience. It is a relatively basic UX design best practice, but this doesn’t mean its importance can be overlooked in 2022 either. Each year new devices come out with different screen sizes, so UX agencies always have to adapt their designs to different laptops, mobile devices, and Smart TVs. 

  • Clean with a twist

Another standard UX design best practice is to keep your interface clean, and free of any “clutter” that would divert the users’ attention from key elements. However, adding a twist to this clean UX design is a popular trend in 2022. Adding even a small visual twist to a minimal design can grab and keep the attention of the user when done right.

  • “Scrollytelling” – Animations triggered by scrolling

A new way to add some punch to traditional scrolling and spice up the UX design of your website in 2022. It is highly difficult to keep the interest of your user from the top to the bottom of your page, and it is even rarer for them to read every written line on your website. However, by making elements appear dynamically and progressively, users can feel much more inclined to read your story through “scrollytelling”.

  • Unconventional cursor interactions

A new UX design best practice in 2022 is to give the traditional, unchanging cursor a face-lift. The cursor is one of the most basic tools in web design that every user has to interact with. However, UX agencies can also turn it into a more sophisticated element of your website that plays a much larger role in the overall user experience by making it change forms depending on where the user is currently scrolling.

  • Personalized user experiences

In the digital age, being able to create personalized recommendations can greatly impact customer satisfaction – just look at what streaming giants like Netflix are doing. It can also be especially useful for e-commerce platforms.

  • Gamification

The size of the gaming industry is gargantuan, and this success has led to what we call gamification – incorporating gaming elements into your UX design is also a popular trend in 2022. It will greatly change how users interact with your app or website, and more and more companies are beginning to use it as part of their branding: bringing a playful vibe that excels at setting you apart and grabbing the attention of your target audience. 

  • Micro-interactions

One of the best examples of this UX best practice would be the “like” button: small elements that have a large impact on the overall user experience design. It makes visiting your platform more interesting and engaging for users, sometimes with a simple animation, just to make sure your website isn’t too static.

  • Visualizing data

A UX design best practice that shouldn’t be overlooked by any business in 2022. Numbers can also be a great tool in telling the story of your company, especially if they are visualized the right way. Instead of overwhelming users, it actually makes it even easier for them to understand what makes your products and services special, and provides credibility to your brand.

  • New 3D UX design tools

By now, you should be used to the fact implementing exciting visual elements can be considered one of the main UX design trends in 2022. 3D elements are nothing new, but they have greatly evolved over the years. UX agencies can employ new-generation 3D tools to make your platform stand out.

  • Augmented/virtual reality

It is not an exaggeration to say that this is a revolutionary shift in the UX design trends of 2022. AR and VR are constantly evolving and becoming more and more present in daily life each year. It will most likely continue to shape the user experiences of the future by bringing whole new, never-before-seen immersion levels to the table.

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