What Is Content com.android.browser.home? How To Change Your Default Homepage?

For almost a decade, there is always fierce competition between Android and iPhone users. Nevertheless, Apple always tops the list because of frequent updates for nearly five years, which you can never expect from an Android smartphone. Android phones are always loved because they are cost-effective, and some are even better than iPhones.

The downsides of Android phones are default settings and bloatware, which disallows the users to customize their default settings. Do you need some tweaks for customizing the default general and application settings?

In order to customize the settings, you need to learn some commands for accessing the special settings of your smartphone. Read this article until the end, and we’ll help you to know about ‘’content://com.android.browser.home/.’’

A Brief Overview About ‘’content://com.android.browser.home/’’

You might be having the basic idea of this syntax, and now we’ll help explain how to use it and change your default homepage and other settings.

Do you know which is the default browser of Android phones? Don’t answer Google Chrome because this is a pre-installed application that comes with every Android smartphone. There is one browser comes in every Android smartphone named as ‘Browser’ or ‘Internet.’ Most probably, this is one of the least used applications in every Android smartphone.

This underrated application can help you eliminate the useless homepage on your smartphone. This thing is not possible if you’re using Opera Mini, Google Chrome, or UC Browser.

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‘’content://com.android.browser.home/’’ is actually a secret URL linked by your default browser. Above all, you can even change the URL of your default browser. It’s easy, and we’ll further share how you can do this.

Why Should You Switch To A Decent Homepage?

Changing the front page of your browser isn’t easy by customizing the general settings. The homepage is not a serious concern for everyone, but frequent travelers and internet geeks undoubtedly need a good homepage.

People who require a decent homepage have to install a plugin that allows them to select and save the URL of their favorite websites. Plus, a decent homepage is required because sometimes Google Chrome crashes and doesn’t work well with low-end smartphones.

The homepage is an underrated thing, but you never when this homepage can become essential more than Whatsapp.

Customizing The Default Homepage On Your Android Smartphone    

  • Firstly, launch the default browser on your Android smartphone.
  • Now, locate the general settings located somewhere in the top left or right corner.
  • Once you’re in the settings, find the advanced default browser settings. General settings only allow you to check the history and similar things. Advanced settings are all about customizing the browser’s settings as per the user’s requirements.
  • Once you locate the advanced settings, you’ll find an option related to homepages.
  • Change the default homepage settings and enter your desired URL or simply delete the default address.

Changing The Default Browser On Your Android Smartphone 

When you bring a new Android device and start Google Play Store or similar Google service, your phone recommends you download Google Chrome. Around 90% of users will download because a decent browser is needed by everyone.

What if your smartphone doesn’t encourage you to download Google Chrome? Most probably, you’ll look for some browsers on the Google Play Store. The same thing happen when some general settings encourage you only to use the default browser.

In our opinion, never consider your default browser because it doesn’t come with beneficial features. So without further ado, let’s understand how to get rid of your default browser permanently.

  • Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and Firefox for Android are the best browsers for Android users. You can use your default browser for downloading your desired browser.
  • Ensure you’re downloading the browser from the official website instead of third-party application providers.
  • Once you have installed another browser, your smartphone will ask you to select the default browser.
  • Click the installed browser, press ‘OK,’ and now your default browser is changed.
  • Lastly, go to your general settings and disable your default web browser permanently.

Final Thoughts

There are around 100+ top-rated web browsers available on Google Play Store. We think you shouldn’t think much about ‘’content://com.android.browser.home/’’ and find ways to eliminate the bloatware from your device. We hope now you can change your default homepage and even get rid of your pre-installed web browser.

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