5 Best Places For Living in South Loop Chicago

Chicago downtown areas are most preferred for dwelling by multi-cultural people apart from the US nationals. The South Loop Chicago is a safe and far greener place to reside in conventional and modern homes. People working in the central business district have the best public commutation, civic amenities, and facilities. We have chosen the top 5 places to live in South Loop Chicago, Illinois.

Museum Park

People willing to live near the lakefront area must prefer Museum Park apartments and Condos. Still, the homebuyers are booking first to get a floor with Lakeview. It has nearby tourist attractions like the Soldier Field, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago’s museum campus, Field Museum, and Adler Planetarium. Overall, it is the best and coolest place to reside and work in the Chicago CBD for individuals, families, and others looking for homes or condominiums for rental. The high-rise flats are available from 1-BDR to 3-BDR. Lofts are also available with luxury models. A 3BDR will cost $1,125,000 near Museum Park.

South Michigan

People searching for South Loop apartment rentals can find affordable or budget-friendly apartments in South Michigan. They are available as semi-furnished, furnished, and luxury apartments. A 1 bedroom rental price starts from $ 700, and a 3 bedroom rental will cost you up to $ 2500 in standard apartments. Yet, an apartment with modern facilities and amenities will cost you from $ 1500 and above for 1-BDR to 4-BDR South Michigan. It has one of the best civic facilities and amenities. There are many commercial complexes serving food to home needs in this area. Commuting to the CBD via public transportation is the best way to travel for the working people and students.

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South Indiana Avenue

Multicultural people willing to stay in high-rise apartments must prefer the flats for rental and sale in South Indiana Avenue. The famous NEMA residential project is completed here with 74-floors. This has become the main landmark of this area. Yet, you can find flat rentals and for sale in the NEMA high-rise flats too. People residing on high floors can view Lake Michigan. It has modern types of public amenities and facilities. This place has become the dream home place for many since the NEMA project is completed. Many residential flats are available for rental and sale near the One Museum Park area too. The rental price starts from $ 1700 onwards. Yet, it depends on the square feet of the floor number.

Delano Court

People preferring to reside in Condos in the South Loop must reside in Delano Court. It is the place where many condominium styles of residential complexes are built. It is why it is called Delano Court Condos for sale and rental locally. The condominiums here are of semi-furnished and fully furnished types. Basic provisional facilities for its residents are available within a few mile stretches. A condo rental with a 750 square feet area will cost you up to $ 1,400 in Delano Court. Yet, cheap rentals are also available if you have a group of people to stay in a condo. Here, you might have to pay $ 400 per head as a rental price.

Armour Square

People willing to live in downtown Chicago and wish to get faster access to the CBD must reside in Armour Square. It is near the South Loop too. All types of homes for rent are available here. You can find a budget one for rental. Thus, getting a living space is much in demand as nearby workers prefer this place much more than other downtown areas. The rental price starts here from $ 1000 to $ 3000. Yet, it depends on the floor and nearby road areas.

Conclusion: Living spaces here are of a standard to luxury. It is now a residential hub of Chicago. It will help to check the locality and other facilities before being willing to purchase a residential property or for rental.

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