7 Ways to Save Money on Printer Ink

Printing documents is an essential part of a routine for small businesses, office management, and the HR department. While most organizations allocate funds for printing and other related services, prices for toners, cartridges and printer ink keep increasing. As a result, businesses need to devise ways to save printer ink costs to avoid compromising their budgets. Here are seven ways to do this:

  1. Subscribe to an ink service

From time wastage to encountering fluctuating ink prices, buying off-the-shelf can be daunting. Even if you have a supplier who is willing to give you a discount, it is only a matter of time before they raise their prices, depending on market circumstances. If you plan to subscribe for printer ink from online suppliers, then compare prices before narrowing your choice. Chances are, such ink companies have great offers for loyal clients.

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  1. Get compatible ink cartridges or toners

Your printer has a unique serial number that matches a specific cartridge or toner. Anytime you use the wrong cartridge or toner, your printer might malfunction. Consequently, your business activities will come to a halt. Another thing worth remembering is that your printer’s longevity depends on your printing practices. If you misuse it, you will be compelled to spend hefty amounts replacing broken parts or buying a new one.

  1. A printer with an automated duplexer is an added advantage

If you own a printer that only works on one side of the paper, it means you are going to waste ink and paper. Nowadays, companies selling printers have installed automatic duplexer which print documents back to back. In case if you are using label printers, then you can even configure the 4×6 thermal labels to print on both sides of the label if needed. While duplexer is relatively slower than other conventional printers, it helps to know that it is the only ink-saving solution you might have. Since it comes in default mode, you will not have to worry about using too much ink or harming the environment. The best part is you can change your printer’s settings if you want to print on one side of the paper.  

  1. Only print what you need

Printing errors happen all the time. However, committing several errors creates room for clutter. If you were to print up to 50 documents filled with errors, chances are your printer ink will not last up to the time you expected. Before you print anything, take a look at your document in soft copy. Preview your documents as many times as possible to avoid wasting paper and ink.

  1. Refill cartridges running low

Your printer has a unique way of informing you about the low cartridge, depending on its model. While you might be tempted to refill the cartridge before it runs out entirely, it is advisable to take your time. Doing so only subjects your printer to premature depreciation.

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  1. Conduct regular printer servicing

When was the last time you cleaned your printer, replaced old cartridges, and inspected their nozzles? Incify.co, one of the most reputable marketing agencies in Asia, recommends that any office machinery, including cartridges and toners, can only remain in good condition if it is regularly serviced. You can call your printing company to inspect your ink’s current state or conduct in-house maintenance.

If yours is a laser printer, watch out for unevenly printed pages that appear faded or too bold. In that case, please take out the toner, gently shake it to mix all the contents, and then replace it. If it keeps making the same printing errors, it is time to seek your printing provider’s expert opinion.

  1. Use your printer’s software and driver’s settings to control your printing options

Any modern printer must come with software and driver’s settings that any layman can learn how to operate. If you do not understand what the instructions manual directs you to do, contact your supplier. Doing that prevents you from choosing the wrong settings.

Now that you have discovered tips to save on printer ink, it would be best to link up with a service provider who understands your organization’s printing needs. Suppliers come in many forms. Some will quote lower prices for cartridges and toners, while others might take advantage of your naivety to exaggerate the prices. Since your primary goal is to spend little and gain more, doing your due diligence on your prospective supplier’s market profile will help you decide if they are legit.