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Coding and programming are among the most wanted areas for students considering the direction of their future career path. Being a skilled coder means many opportunities and a good income. However, students of colleges and universities who study coding are not always happy because the amount of challenging tasks is volume. There is a tip from skilled students on how to resolve tricky assignments. You can opt for coding homework help from an excellent online service. By entering the details of your tasks, you would be redirected to a proficient coder who would gladly answer your questions and assist you with any coding assignment. Such services work fast and confidentially. You can be sure of the outcome when you choose a reliable service.

By the way, there are many exciting facts about coding. Read them below and share them with your friends.

  1. The term “bug” is not originated from an insect

Computer errors that appear because of incorrectly written codes are frequently called “bugs,” and the process of fixing those errors is called “debugging.” There was a well-known legend about a situation when a natural bug was found inside the computer. In 1947 at Harvard, the story says that there was an issue with a computer model Mark II. The investigation group discovered that an insect got into the computer, and the problem was fixed after the bug was removed. Some people refer to this case when they need to show themselves erudite and explain the origin of the term “coding bug.” The fact is, this story is not true. Scientists used the term earlier before 1947. For example, Thomas Edison used the word “bug” to name issues appearing in his technical works.

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  1. New codes can be written all the time

There are only two digits that allow writing programs, and they are 0 and 1. These two symbols will enable the creation of countless combinations of binary codes. All the software that runs the codes contains only these two digits in different combinations. The possibilities to write new software are endless because combinations of 1’s and 0’s are infinite.

  1. There are more than seven hundred coding languages

The amount of coding languages that are in regular use in the world is more than seven hundred. It is twice more than any amount of spoken languages used in the USA. Only a few countries of the world statistically have a more significant amount of spoken languages in use. However, several coding languages are common and more widely used. For example, coders who have learned such languages as Python, HTML, etc., have enough skills to apply in their professional activities and do not require learning all the coding languages of the world.

  1. Coding boosts cognitive functions

People who code regularly have to develop and apply such skills as creativeness, critical thinking, paying attention to details, being a team player, and other vital skills. Compared to other jobs, coding improves the processes that relate to powering up the human brain. Coding stimulates activity and develops cognitive functions. In addition, it is scientifically proven that coding prevents Alzheimer’s. 

  1. Some modern coding projects of NASA are coming from the 1970s

At the most progressive and digitized institution, NASA, some projects are still run on an old computer language. That language was written in the 1970s for the specific needs of NASA. The language is called HAL/S and is used for shuttles to operate the onboard computers. After 2005, the process of changes to modern programs was started, and it lasted simultaneously. 

  1. The first programmers were women

During World War II, there was the first programmable computer used for military purposes. Since almost all men were on the battlefields, the computer was operated by several women. They were responsible for trajectories and ballistics. To become an operator of such a computer, women studied operations, computing, maths, machine logic, etc. It was not easy as there were no programming languages at those times.

  1. Coding becomes the same important as writing

Nowadays, many governmental programs include programming in the obligated curriculum for school children. Systematically coding becomes as important as writing. More and more specializations and disciplines have become digitized, and this process would speed up in the next several years. Starting to learn how to code when you are young would be an excellent investment in your future.

  1. Conclusion

After reading these facts about coding, we believe that you understand that tomorrow programming is among vital skills for people. If you are interested in coding and like to share exciting information with your friends and family, you need to tell them what you read in our article about coding. Remember that when you face challenges in your studies, you can prevent troubles by opting for professional support. Skilled coders from a coding homework service would gladly assist you on the tasks of any level of difficulty. We wish you luck in your studies!

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