6 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Interactive

Are you a business person who is looking for ways to leverage the full power of your website? After all, your website will play a crucial role in determining your customer base and conversion rate. It is your business card that you hand out to people in the digital world. As a result, you must take all the necessary steps to make it as competitive as possible so that you can stand out amongst the crowd.

An interactive website is precisely what the word interactive suggests. It is a type of website that enables users to interact with its content in any way imaginable. It can mean incorporating forms that a visitor fills and sends to the website owner. Or it might involve a page on the website that allows them to provide feedback or post comments. It may also contain a few elements of artificial intelligence or virtual reality. These include giving virtual tours of various landmarks or displaying animated weather patterns. The entire point of an interactive website is to provide the visitors with a highly engaging experience. Today, you will learn what an interactive website design will offer you and your business. Keep reading till the very end of this post to know why your website should be interactive.

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It Allows You to Earn Quality Backlinks for SEO

When your website is exciting and user-friendly, more people would want to link to it from their content. These links are precious when it comes to SEO. They are known as backlinks. Not only do these links bring more traffic, but they also provide Google with proof that your website is legitimate and relevant. Having good-quality backlinks on your website is a well-known SERP ranking factor. Google’s SEO algorithms search for these backlinks on your website to determine where your website should be on the search results page. Your website can earn these links by serving as a valuable source of information. The more useful you are to visitors, the less money, effort, and time you will need to spend for other websites to link back to yours. Therefore, a backlink checker can be an excellent tool to discover more about your and your competitor’s backlinks. It will allow you to conduct a link analysis, know about your competitor’s marketing strategies, and track different domain links. All of which are necessary for Search Engine Optimization.

It Improves Personalization Capabilities

According to a survey, 64 percent of people said they want to have a more personalized brand experience. Furthermore, 73 percent stated that businesses should utilize the data they collected to create such customized customer experiences. Forty-nine percent of them also said that they would be willing to provide companies more information to develop a more seamless customer experience.

You must apply all your technology-related and digital marketing knowledge to create the best user experience possible. And you must do that for every single person who visits your website. Once you improve personalization, you will convert cold leads into potential ones.

It Improves Conversion Rates

When you have an interactive website up and running, you will engage your customers better. They will trust you without asking too many questions. As this trust slowly grows, your visitors will become paying customers. After all, why would a potential customer even consider the competition when they have loyalty towards your brand? It will significantly increase your conversion rates.

Improved conversion rates also lead to a lower bounce rate. Suppose visitors had a bad experience with your website in the past. In that case, they will probably never return today or in the future. Boring content, poor website design, a bad user experience, or a slow loading website will repel readers. In the end, an interactive website will entice visitors to stay on it for a longer time.

It Allows You to Improve Relationships with Your Customers

Around 90 percent of all visitors on a website expect it to have interactive design elements. These elements help them find solutions more comfortably and guide them into making the right choices in terms of services and products. It would help if you didn’t forget that 70 percent of all customer interactions are now digital. A company might go all the way to provide an impeccable physical customer experience. But what will happen when you don’t address the other 70 percent? You will miss out on opportunities to improve relationships with your customers.

You will allow your competitors to sweep customers away. Furthermore, 76 percent of visitors who have a positive digital experience with a business end up visiting their physical location within the next few days. When you have an interactive website, you make it easier for your customers to connect with you digitally and physically.

It Encourages Customers to Share Your Website

When you have an interactive website, you provide your customers a more meaningful digital experience. Naturally, the next thing they do is share your website with everyone they know. They would want others to have the same benefits and advantages they experienced. For example, when someone shares your website on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, it shows Google that your provided information is relevant and valuable.

These social media shares will increase your website’s visibility and ranking on SERPs. Furthermore, it also builds a positive relationship between your brand and your customers. Your brand will get tons of shares on various platforms daily with an interactive website.

It Will Provide You with the Biggest ROI

At this point, you might be thinking about going berserk with your website’s design. It is relatively easy to take charge of your website’s design. After all, including something as simple as a contact form on your website will make it more interactive than before. However, the most interactive websites emerge through the hands of experts. They will know how to leverage the power of visuals and design an engaging interface for your website. 

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Spending a few hundred dollars to make our website more interactive will provide you with an ROI in the thousands of dollars. 


An interactive website has countless benefits. Developing an interactive website might take some time, but it is, in no way, challenging. Not only will it maximize your visitor’s digital experience, but it will also drive more traffic and improve your conversion rates. So, without further ado, analyze your online presence and create a more engaging and interactive web experience. 

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