4 Crucial Things to Know Before Purchasing Procurement Software for Your Organisation

In the world of business procurement is the term used for the acquisition of goods and services, usually referring to the entire process, which can be very important for organisations in the run-up to their final decision on a purchase. 

There are always issues to be faced in the procurement process, including problems with suppliers as well as supply risk, data that is inaccurate, a lack of transparency and in some cases antiquated technology that is simply not up to the demands of today’s world. The good news is purchasing procurement software can make a big difference to an organisation in at least four major ways. 

Procurement software offers a comprehensive and configurable solution to the procurement needs and issues of any organisation, providing all relevant information for sourcing events from the planning stages through to the final payment, and all the steps that need to be taken in-between. 

Supplier database

Procurement software allows an organisation to create a database filled with all of the details of all of their suppliers. The supply chain of any business is dependent on relationships with vendors that are strategic and strong as they are the ones who provide the products and services that keep a business up and running. 

A supplier database in purchasing procurement software will also include an array of other details including the likes of the number of products previously purchased from said vendors, prices paid, quality of service and so on. 

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Social and ethical procurement

For procurement professionals the term social procurement means to be aware of their actions and the subsequent affect those actions will have on the entire supply chain. Ethical procurement can encompass a wide array of different issues that have may have an impact on the goals of a business in relation to sustainability and ethics.

An example of ethical procurement is to monitor illegal or unethical business practices or procedures of a supplier that could have a negative impact on the reputation or procurement efficiency of your own business. 

Procurement software can help to keep track of these practices in order to make sure that your business is performing in a socially responsible and ethical manner. 


Procurement software can help to keep track of compliance in the relationship between your business and those with which it does business. This includes making sure that bills have been paid and goods that have been ordered have been delivered on time and in the right amount and appropriate condition. 

Procurement software also helps to ensure compliance by determining that all company spending is in line with company policy and that there is no maverick spending taking place. 

Contract management

Contract management in procurement refers to the process of managing all contracts created as legal documentation with the forging of work relationships between customers, partners and vendors. Procurement software can help to keep track of all these contracts, ensure that all obligations are being fulfilled and notify your business when a contract may be running out and in need of termination or renewal. 

Procurement software helps to create savings by moving beyond business practices that are paper-based and makes the entire process of procurement smoother and more efficient. 

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