Top Textsheet Alternatives in 2021

Textsheet is an online instructional platform where every student is able to get assistance with their current homework and assignments. A lot of premium platforms are available that offer the same features as the text sheet except they are all paying for. Because the text sheet is totally free to use and feature-packed many students enjoy text sheets and used it for their educational needs on a daily basis.

What is Textsheet? was a very popular educational web site for school and college students. The site’s key idea is that it will have answers to college & school tasks, homework assignments, and everything in between. Essentially, when it comes to all school assignments, allowing the user the advantage that was not a study or evaluation.

In a very short time, this website gained huge popularity amongst students and teachers. The website offers students with all of the options completely for free.

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Textsheet Alternative

Textsheet began popularizing among all students and having millions and millions of traffic, which in effect helps millions of students with their homework and assignments. Textsheet offers answers to certain student questions through rip-off comments from other pages such as Chegg.

It uses a Chegg API to get all the answers and make a site out of it for the student query. Yet the users of the textsheet platform have no idea whether they get the answers to their questions or where they get the answers from.


Between US students Slader is very popular. Here you will find step-by-step answers to your question and answer with full explanation of them through thousands of textbooks for different subjects. Day by day, the quality of content is increasingly increased and college-level approaches tools are extended to help students discover the right approach for their question.

Slader’s founders created Slader as a great middle ground for finding an expensive mentor and carelessly copying the answers from the textbook’s back–students get the particular guidance they need on the specific question they’re avoiding. You may use Slader in your school or college to solve your math problem.

Course Hero

Course Hero of also the other alternative to text pad. The course hero is well designed to very easily find a lesson, instructions, and answers to your questions. Course Hero is the best course website for learning and sharing research content. As it says on its website, it has more than 25 million research content for the course.

Course Hero provides step-by-step examples for any question and issues you want to learn. The subjects you can look for range from economics and research that you can scan for genetics that we can look for accounts of history and psychology and all else falls into your head.


Studylib is the largest community-driven digital repository from which millions of worksheets, workshops, lesson plans, and other research content can be read, scanned, and downloaded for free. You can browse pattern documents from various fields and subjects, and even add your own.


Chegg provides a wide variety of task options and you can also ask experts to answer your problem if it has not been answered already. The Chegg is the big website and this website has 33 million users per month and the big reason why text sheets are no longer available is that Chegg is referred to the copyright infringement text sheet.

On Chegg Tutors, students can search for tutors for a wide variety of subjects and topics at reasonable rates online. We would recommend you take a 7-day trial before buying a contract to determine whether or not the amount you’d be spending is worth it.

Crazy for Study

Crazy for Study is a resource for high school and college students that has a large range of questions answered. According to them, they have more than 50 million tools from which each student can get an overview of their needed solution.

Given that this website is only widespread in Australia, students living there can only locate the books recommended and followed by their respective institutions by selecting the name of the course. Also for the rare-to-find textbooks, finding out the solutions guides thus is very simple.


Paper support is also present on the market as an alternative to Textsheet. It began in 2008 and has since helped the student complete tasks they get in school or college. If you’re in high school or college, or you’re doing your PhD thesis aid, it’s really easy to compose your study article.

This claims that by providing better material from your research article, you’ll save time. You need to sign up for PaperHelp so you can use it in an incredibly severe manner. It will soon bring research papers to your doorstep.

Text-sheets are websites providing concise questions and answers to previous or current tasks and tests. However, the internet is full of specially crafted questions and answers flashcards that are capable of text conversion of instructional material into voice.

Students will then find a new website that can assist with their homework like a text sheet and this is not an easy feat. Much of the site deemed an alternative to the text sheet is paying places that can not be managed by any student.

It is a total setback for students, and they also faced loss because students rely heavily on the Textsheet website for their academic assistance. When the platform like Textsheet that students are used to being banned is not working or they get a message like Textsheet, they struggle and worry with their academics a lot.

Finding a close alternative to text sheets is not quick and easy. In Course, Query and Descriptions, Research Documents, you can filter the documents using filters. As I can see it generally speaking Course hero is a good source for seeking answers and arrangement with complete explanations. So refer all the textsheets so that you can refer with all the Textsheet alternatives and them know the best free alternatives for Textsheet.