Why should small businesses choose a VoIP Phone system?

One of the basic requirements for running a small business is having a great communication system. In the new digital technological communication, small business owners have to stay connected now more than ever with their customers and employees. That is where the VoIP phone system comes in. The advanced offsite phone system can keep your team connected even if you have branches in different locations.

Technology has come a long way in the last few decades. In the old days office desks were used to be filled with mountains of twisted phone codes with a limited number of phone lines which kept business owners from receiving and making valuable phone calls. However, in the past few years, VoIP has transformed communication in offices. It has gotten rid of the cables and channels communication over the internet. The cloud phone technology allows small business owners to keep in touch cheaply and competently. This technology can route all incoming phone calls in the office along with storing important data and tailoring every business’s calling experience to their own preferences. You will never again miss a call because of a busy phone line with cloud technology.

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What is a cloud phone system?

what are IP phones and how they work It is a virtual phone system which is rooted on the internet. The cloud technology allows you to make and receive calls from any desktop, computer or smart device. The cloud systems can offer users flexibility, mobility and great features with just one not possible before. All of this is accessible at affordable prices.

Just like this Ant Radio Service is present default in phone system.

Features of voip phone system technology

  • Call mentoring: this feature allows a third party to listen to a training session and all the service calls to make sure of quality over the phone. The third-party listeners can also make a suggestion to the agent of the call without the caller hearing.
  • Online call records: With this feature, you can retrieve all the incoming and outgoing calls easily according to its date, caller information, time and call duration, etc.
  • Call forwarding: This feature allows you to forward all incoming calls either to a landline or a personal mobile device. This is a perfect feature when you are not in the office.
  • Dial by name directory: Your customers which do not know an agent’s extension can just enter the name of the third party and can be instantly connected.

Benefits of the cloud Technology

  • Centralised communication: The cloud system provides you one central hub or a platform for all your communication regardless if they are your phone messages, chat, text messages, and fats. Also, you will receive a unified inbox for all of your emails.
  • Teleconferencing: This feature enables you to meet together and have discussions with your employees even if they are not around physically. This also saves you your business in everyone else money, time and resources.
  • Admin portal: The system generally provides an administrator portal which gives manager and supervisors complete visibility and control over calls, Communications, history, messages, call analytics, reporting and all the other relevant information and details.
  • Scalability: On-premise phone systems which require you to add new equipment if you add another user, the cloud system allows another user easily to your account or you can also open in a new account. Any new user will get experience complete functionality and features based on the plan you choose. In other words, the phone system can scale at a minimal level.
  • Smart calls: 90% of the customers prefer in life person at the end of a phone call over a robot. The intelligent call forwarding, and call routing features make sure that customers’ calls go to the right agent all person for fast response or resolution of problems.
  • Mobility: You can run your business while travelling. You can also collaborate with your team and follow up on your prospects for you to answer customer questions anywhere at any time. Your cloud system provides complete phone functionality which is always accessible from any connected device.

As a small business owner if you are looking for a cloud system provider then small business voip is a great choice.

Why VoIPBusiness is the best small business phone system? 

  • All Synced to and Driven from the Cloud
  • Complete and Standard 9-5 Support
  • No Contract Free and Implementation 

Our VoIP Business voip phone system features?

  • Phone Numbers and Virtual Numbers 
  • Auto-Attendant/Virtual Receptionist (Basic or Advanced) and (Single level or Multi-level)
  • Call Logs for Inbound and Outbound VoIP and Voice calls
  • Inbound calling (free-phone, local and non-geographical usage in the UK)
  • Call Report for Queue and User activity. Call report for extensions, phone numbers, inbound and outbound voice call, and voicemail activities
  • Custom music on hold, greetings, and screening
  • Outbound calling (Premium rate destinations and non-geographical usage – US, Europe, and International)
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Contact List (Google Apps and LDAP integration)
  • Phones and Devices
  • Call Handling and Forwarding
  • Audio conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Phone Book
  • Desktop and Mobile App (softphones)
  • Blocked Calls
  • Outbound caller ID
  • Call Parking and Call Monitoring
  • Ring Groups, Pick Up Groups and Call queuing
  • Third party developer integration
  • Configurable extensions

Optional Features

On-site Deployment

24/7 Concierge Support

SIP Trunking

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