Why Pursuing an Online MBA is Beneficial in India

Masters in Business Administration is one of the most popular courses pursued online in India. Online MBA programs are crafted keeping in mind the industry requirements and current business dynamics. Numerous students register online for various MBA specializations to achieve the desired progression in their careers. Online MBA is a 2 years post-graduate program, the same as offline. However, mandatory campus attendance is absent in online MBA.

Pursuing a full-time MBA from a university is possible only when relocation and staying in the same city as your college is possible. Also, you need to dedicate full time. The online MBA in India provides an opportunity for interested candidates to pursue a specialization like organizational, behavior, quantitative methods, technology management, business communication, management accounting, human resource management, or any other courses of your choice. In all of the specializations, the total course entails 4 semesters.

How pursuing an Online MBA is beneficial for you in India

The basic learning capabilities of Indian students are very high. Natural curiosity, fast learning capabilities, and high grasping power are very commonly found characteristics in Indian students. Economic pressure often compels candidates in India to take up a job right after graduation. Small odd jobs in call centers or even serving as a waiter in high corporate food joints can often hamper the learning potential of an Indian student, who might as well have a very high IQ. To come up with work as well as pursue an MBA to enhance your career prospects. MBA online is a suitable choice for you to go ahead with. All you need to do is search for the best online MBA programs. Reasons for making an online MBA pursuable option are:

  • Cost effective: Going for an online MBA course in India is quite economical. A full-time MBA course offline can cost you between 8 lakhs to 20 lakhs and above. Additional staying costs and other unforeseen expenditures involved in a new city can be taxing on the wallet. The average cost of pursuing an MBA online would amount to 3 lakhs to 10 lakhs. Additional costs would be almost 0 as you will be staying in your city, or the city you are working from and would be pursuing the course. This will save money. The degree secured will have nearly the same market value as a full-time MBA course. It is worthwhile to take up an online MBA course from the cost point of view.
  • Flexibility: Technological advancements have helped the designers to make the program suitable for enthusiastic students. Your zeal for learning along with advanced curriculum and flexibility of timing, makes an online MBA an ideal option for many. If you have the responsibility of your family, are married with a child, or need to look after your parents and still want to enhance your career options, an online MBA will cater to your needs. You can study at flexible hours as there is no hard and fast classroom attendance. Learning on one hand and doing household chores, working in an office, or pursuing a simultaneous course online, all become possible.
  • Global reach: Many prestigious online platforms provide the scope of enrolment on a global basis. You can enroll sitting at home and do not need to leave your hometown to pursue the online MBA. Remote education is a reality today. Specializing in the most demanded branches of management will make your prospects lucrative to the hiring companies.
  • Syllabus: Premium universities online provide a very similar syllabus for MBA as that of full-time offline in-campus offerings. The contents are industry-based progressive methods of management in various specializations such as Finance, supply chain management, marketing management, etc.
  • Admission: Similar to full-time MBA universities, online platforms require a minimum GPA as prescribed by the education board of India, a bachelor’s degree in any stream, and certain work experience are preferred. The online registration would require certain copies of identity proof and a mark sheet. Every platform dealing in online MBA will have customer-assisting personnel to help you out regarding various queries.  
  • Mode of education: The online MBA courses provide education via video-conferencing. Suppose you are busy while the online lecture is going on, you can request a copy of the recording and watch later as per time availability on your part. This way there will not be any fear of missing out on essential lectures. Also, the recording will be permanent on the database, so re-referencing for further clarity is always a possibility.
  • Accreditation: The sole purpose of accreditation is to reflect quality. While choosing an online university, always look at whether the accreditation of the same is done by a reputed institute or not. Your degree will be recognized by reputed employers once obtained from an accredited university. Better placement becomes a possibility.
  • Job opportunities: Like campus MBA institutes, online platforms also have placement cells in the universities. The life skills you learn in an online MBA institute in your chosen specialization will help you to land a job. Constant communication with authorized personnel will help you gain knowledge about various companies visiting for placement. Take a job that is amicable to your knowledge as well as disposition.

Key factors of Indian MBA online from student’s point of view

  • Learning the relevant branches of management to develop required leadership skills.
  • Graduation from any field is applicable.
  • Pursuing education even after getting a job to enhance career dimensions.
  • Receiving MBA training to cater to modern business requirements.
  • Venturing into expansive job opportunities.
  • Having multiple choices of specialization.



The online MBA is suitable for those students who cannot afford the lump sum fee of a campus MBA. Also, people who can multitask by working in the day and pursuing an MBA in the evening can enroll. The whole objective of online MBA platforms is to guide you in modern management dynamics in your chosen specialization.

Final Thoughts

The compound annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the online education industry in India is projected at 19.9%. A big part of this percentage is MBA education online. There is a growth in online demand for MBA. Reputed MBA institutes are venturing into online management education. The popular MBA specializations in the current global market are:

  • International Business
  • Retail
  • IT and Systems
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Hospital Management
  • Import and Export
  • Operations
  • Healthcare Management

Indian online MBA platforms provide exhaustive training in the abovementioned branches of management. A holistic dedication on your part to online learning will equip your managerial acumen to get a lucrative job. Excel in your chosen specialization by joining a premium online MBA platform. All the best!