Why is JIRA Becoming So Popular?

Did you know – Jira is not an acronym but is a part of the word ‘Gojira’ which means Godzilla in Japanese? JIRA is an extremely popular tool among project managers and other teams. It makes it simpler to plan and track the project and automate various processes.

Moving forward, let us find out why JIRA is becoming so popular amongst teams across the world.

  • Used For Multiple Purposes

Jira can be used for various purposes such as bug issues, features, task tracking, and others. Organizations can use it in other non-standard ways like warehouse automation tools, document flow, and other activities. And yes, it is an amazing tool for project management.

  • Flexible Price Scale

When it comes to pricing, Atlassian offers a very flexible price scale for various JIRA licenses. A large company with thousands of JIRA users is likely to spend thousands of dollars annually. While a small company will invest a few hundred dollars to get support and maintenance services from Atlassian.

  • It’s Extremely Customizable

Since JIRA is used for multiple purposes, it has transformed into a feature-rich and highly customizable tool. You can easily alter the defaults of issue types, fields, states, and workflows as per your needs and preferences. It is extremely powerful and helps in everyday development struggles.

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  • Commenting

A notable feature of the JIRA software is commenting. Team members can easily collaborate through this feature. In the case of a global enterprise, people within the same team but in different time zone find it difficult to work efficiently. JIRA eliminates this issue by enhancing collaboration through commenting.

  • Supports Plugins and Add-ons

Teams can easily enhance the power of JIRA by using plugins and add-ons that it supports. The system was specifically curated to enable companies to develop special modules in Java in a way to give it additional functionalities they need for their project.

  • Increased Productivity

As you might know, while creating tasks in JIRA, a list is created automatically which helps the developers to see the next task they need to do. But, in absence of JIRA, manual testing can bring up the software in the downtime and increase the pressure on the development and testing team. High productivity is a major reason behind JIRA’s widespread fame.

  • Reports Generation

JIRA helps in downloading the reports based on the tasks and time spent on individual tasks. It lets you download a list of tasks, assignee, reporter, or even the complete report about each task of the project.

Wrapping up

JIRA is a leading tool in the agile world due to its well-managed workflow mapping along with its ability to track issues. There are many other features of JIRA that make it easier for you to carry out your work.

In short, it is an amazing tool packed with lots of features and add-ons to manage your projects and track the issues. with JIRA automation, you can extract the most out of this tool. So, what are you waiting for? Why not try it yourself?

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