What To Do If Your Family Member Gets Hurt On A Job?

Work accidents are common and happen daily with the workers on the field. At times these are just minor accidents, while some are major ones.

The workers here can use the worker’s compensation to get compensated for their medical treatment, rehabilitation, and loss of wages.

However, this may not be the case when a worker loses his life. It is more heartbreaking than other accidents, and the family members cannot get compensated for this.

Hence, to know what can be done next when your family member gets injured in the workplace, speak to a lawyer from Groth & Associates.

What are the common causes of wrongful death in the workplace?

Some of the common causes of workplace injuries are:

  1. Truck and auto accidents

The workers and the individuals driving on the road are always at risk of getting into an accident. Although it was others’ fault, they may sometimes get severely injured.

Even drivers with good driving skills may get into accidents on the road. These workers are eligible for compensation regardless of the fact that they do not work on the premises.

  1. Electric Shock

Electric shocks are a common problem that is faced by people working in different fields. These may be a result of improper wiring or lack of safety while dealing with the wires  Electric Shock can lead to various injuries ranging from just a minor shock, brain death, or even death. The workers that have faced an injury due to electric shock can claim their compensation through the personal injury law.

  1. Poisoning

Workers tend to work with hazardous chemicals everywhere, right from considerable businesses to small ones, there’s a risk of getting poisoned if the containers are wrongly labeled or packed  However, these accidents are usually minor and may not lead to death. But some things can be unavoidable at times.

  1. Severe head trauma:

Low-lit stairs, icy ways, etc., can lead to getting tripped. All a person needs to get injured here is one wrong step, and they may end up getting head, spinal, or neck trauma. This may, at times, be hard to detect.

What to do after your family member’s injury at his or her workplace?

Follow these steps after your family member has faced an accident at the workplace:

  1. Seek out an experienced personal injury attorney.
  2. Make sure to report the injury to the employer.
  3. Gather evidence for the injury and the accident.
  4. File a complaint and make your claim for the expenses.

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