What Is Zero Fir?

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In the realm of criminal justice, ensuring prompt and effective action is crucial to protect the rights of victims and maintain law and order. In recent years, a powerful tool known as the Zero FIR has emerged in India, aiming to streamline the process of reporting crimes and ensuring that victims receive immediate assistance. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of Zero FIR, its significance, and how it empowers individuals seeking justice.

What Is Zero Fir?

Zero FIR, also known as “First Information Report,” is an initiative implemented in India to address the issue of delayed or denied registration of complaints by police stations outside the jurisdiction where the crime occurred. According to the law, any police station can register a Zero FIR irrespective of its jurisdiction. The objective behind this provision is to enable victims to report crimes promptly, ensuring that no time is lost in initiating the investigation process.

Key Features And Benefits:

  1. Accessibility and Prompt Action: Zero FIR ensures that victims can file a complaint at any police station, irrespective of the jurisdiction. This eliminates the need for victims to travel to a specific police station and wait for the transfer of their case, leading to quicker action by law enforcement authorities.
  2. Prevention of Evidence Tampering: By allowing immediate registration of complaints through Zero FIR, the risk of evidence tampering or destruction is minimized. Victims can swiftly report the crime, preserving crucial evidence and increasing the chances of a successful investigation.
  3. Enhanced Protection for Victims: Zero FIR provides victims with a sense of security and protection by assuring them that their complaint will be registered and acted upon promptly. It encourages victims to come forward without fear of bureaucratic hurdles or delays.
  4. Assistance in Emergencies: Zero FIR proves particularly valuable in cases of emergencies or crimes committed in transit, where immediate action is essential. It ensures that victims can quickly seek help and initiate legal proceedings, even if they are away from their home jurisdiction.

Process And Procedure:

  1. Filing the Complaint: To initiate a Zero FIR, the victim or any concerned person can approach any police station and file a complaint related to the incident. The police officer receiving the complaint must register it as a Zero FIR and provide a copy to the complainant.
  2. Forwarding the FIR: Once the Zero FIR is registered, the police officer must transfer it to the concerned police station having jurisdiction over the area where the crime occurred. The transferred FIR retains its “Zero” status, and the investigation proceeds accordingly.
  3. Follow-Up and Investigation: The police station where the Zero FIR is transferred assumes responsibility for further investigation. They will undertake necessary inquiries, gather evidence, record statements, and take appropriate action according to the law.


Zero FIR has emerged as a vital mechanism to ensure that victims of crimes receive timely justice and assistance. By eliminating the jurisdictional constraints that often hinder the reporting and investigation processes, Zero FIR empowers individuals to come forward and report crimes promptly. This initiative reinforces the principles of a fair and efficient criminal justice system, protecting the rights of victims and enabling law enforcement agencies to take swift action. With the implementation of Zero FIR, India takes a significant step towards ensuring a more accessible, victim-centric, and effective approach to combating crime and upholding the principles of justice.

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What Is Called Zero Fir?

Zero FIR does not carry a serial digit. Instead, it is given the number “0” (zero), hence the name. It is recorded relying on the area where the crime has been achieved. Once the police station has registered Zero FIR, it moves it to the authority police station where the crime has happened.

Why Is It Called Zero Fir?

Unlike an FIR, which is restricted by jurisdiction, a zero FIR can be filed in any police station, regardless of whether the offence was committed under the jurisdiction of that particular police station. Whereas FIRs have serial numbers assigned to them, zero FIRs are assigned the number ‘0’. Hence the name.

What Is Zero Police?

The concept of zero FIR is new. It refers to a FIR that is registered irrespective of the area where the offence is committed. The police in such a case can no longer claim that they have no jurisdiction.

Which Section Is Zero Fir Under?

Need for Zero FIR

Now Police cannot say the same because of this Zero FIR concept. Section 154 of Criminal code Procedure Act 1973, states about the FIR (first information report). ZERO FIR also fall under section 154 of crpc.

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