What Is TPIN In Groww?

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In the world of online investing and trading, security and convenience are of paramount importance. As investors and traders embrace digital platforms to manage their portfolios, it becomes crucial for these platforms to implement robust security measures. Groww, one of India’s leading online investment platforms, takes security seriously and has introduced the concept of TPIN (Transaction Personal Identification Number) to enhance the safety of transactions. In this blog, we will explore the concept of TPIN in Groww, how it works, its significance, and how it ensures secure and hassle-free transactions for users.

What Is TPIN In Groww?

TPIN, or Transaction Personal Identification Number, is a unique 6-digit numeric code introduced by Groww to secure financial transactions made through its platform. When investors or traders perform certain high-risk transactions, such as initiating a withdrawal or placing a redemption request, Groww prompts them to enter their TPIN as an additional layer of authentication. This helps ensure that only the authorized user can carry out sensitive financial transactions on their account.

How TPIN Works:

  1. Setting Up TPIN: When users sign up on Groww, they are prompted to set up their TPIN during the registration process. The TPIN can be easily generated by entering a few personal details and verifying them via a One Time Password (OTP) sent to the registered mobile number.
  2. High-Risk Transactions: Groww requires users to enter their TPIN for specific high-risk transactions. These transactions typically involve the movement of funds, such as withdrawals, redemptions, or changes to bank account details.
  3. Authentication: When a user initiates a high-risk transaction, Groww prompts them to enter their TPIN. This serves as an added layer of authentication, ensuring that only the authorized user can proceed with the transaction.

Significance Of TPIN In Groww:

  1. Enhanced Security: TPIN adds an extra layer of security to financial transactions on the Groww platform. It helps prevent unauthorized access and reduces the risk of fraudulent activities.
  2. User Control: TPIN gives users greater control over their accounts. They can rest assured that their sensitive financial actions are protected by an additional PIN, reducing the chances of unauthorized access.
  3. Reducing Human Errors: With TPIN, users are required to enter a unique 6-digit PIN for high-risk transactions. This reduces the chances of human errors that may occur during manual processing of sensitive financial activities.
  4. Compliance: TPIN helps Groww comply with regulatory requirements and guidelines related to secure financial transactions and customer data protection.


TPIN (Transaction Personal Identification Number) is a significant feature introduced by Groww to ensure the security and integrity of financial transactions on its platform. By implementing TPIN as an additional layer of authentication, Groww provides users with a secure and hassle-free investing and trading experience. As investors and traders continue to embrace digital platforms for managing their portfolios, TPIN remains a vital component in safeguarding their financial assets and data. With TPIN in place, Groww continues to uphold its commitment to providing a safe and user-friendly environment for its customers to invest and grow their wealth.

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Where Can I Find My TPIN Number?

You get the CDSL TPIN on your mobile number, and email address (from [email protected]) registered with CDSL. If you do not have a CDSL TPIN, you can generate it by visiting the CDSL website. Some stock brokers display the CDSL TPIN in the account details section or the profile section on their website/ mobile app.

How Do I Get A TPIN For Grow App?

To generate a new TPIN when selling, click on ‘Request New TPIN’. This TPIN will be valid for only 6 minutes after you receive it. If you cannot find the TPIN in your email inbox, check your spam folder. Please note that TPIN and OTP are sent to you by CDSL and Groww has no role in it.

What Is The T Pin Number?

TPIN stands for TPIN (Transaction Personal Identification Number) which is secret PIN generated for every Beneficial Owner by the depository. You have options to generate TPIN both within the authorization flow as well as on CDSL website.

What Is The Use Of TPIN In Cdsl?

CDSL TPIN is a crucial component of the stock trading process. It comes in the form of a six-digit passcode that must be entered for authorizing the broker to sell selected stocks from an investor’s Demat account. The CDSL TPIN security mechanism enables investors to easily authorise any account-related action online.

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