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The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has streamlined the process of train ticket reservations, making travel accessible to millions. However, situations may arise where passengers need to cancel their tickets, leading to the introduction of the Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) mechanism. This article delves into the intricacies of “What Is TDR in IRCTC,” offering insights into the filing process, rules, and understanding TDR status.


TDR, or Ticket Deposit Receipt, is a crucial feature in the IRCTC system designed to facilitate the refund process for passengers who encounter unforeseen circumstances necessitating ticket cancellations. It allows travelers to file for refunds after the journey date.

What Is TDR In IRCTC Pnr?

The TDR process is closely linked to the Passenger Name Record (PNR) in IRCTC. When passengers need to cancel a ticket post-journey, they file a TDR against the specific PNR. Understanding the connection between TDR and PNR is essential for a smooth refund process.

What Is TDR In IRCTC Online?

Filing a TDR in IRCTC is a streamlined online process. Passengers can log into the IRCTC portal, access their booking history, and initiate the TDR filing. This online convenience expedites the refund process and reduces the hassle for travelers.

How To File TDR In IRCTC:

Filing a TDR in IRCTC involves a few simple steps:

  • Log in to your IRCTC account.
  • Go to the “Booked Tickets” section.
  • Select the ticket for which you want to file a TDR.
  • Click on the “File TDR” option.
  • Provide the necessary details, reasons for filing TDR, and submit.

File TDR Online IRCTC:

The online filing system is designed to provide passengers with a convenient platform for TDR submission. The digital interface ensures accuracy in providing details and expedites the processing of refund requests.

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TDR Rules:

Understanding the rules governing TDR is crucial for passengers. Some key rules include:

  • TDR must be filed within a specific time frame after the scheduled departure.
  • Valid reasons for filing TDR include train cancellations, late running, or passenger not traveling.
  • TDR processing time may vary, and refunds are subject to the approval of the concerned authorities.

TDR In Railway:

The TDR mechanism is not specific to IRCTC; it extends to the broader Indian Railways system. Passengers traveling on Indian Railways can utilize the TDR process for cancellations and refunds.

Can I Travel After Filing TDR?

Filing a TDR indicates the passenger’s intention not to travel on the booked ticket. Once a TDR is filed, it is advisable not to undertake the journey, as the system considers the ticket canceled. Traveling after filing a TDR may impact the refund process.

TDR Status:

After filing a TDR, passengers can check the status of their request. The TDR status provides information on whether the refund has been approved or rejected. Passengers can monitor the status through the IRCTC portal.


In conclusion, understanding “What Is TDR in IRCTC” is essential for passengers navigating the complexities of ticket cancellations and refunds. The TDR process, seamlessly integrated into the IRCTC online platform, ensures a transparent and efficient mechanism for obtaining refunds under specific circumstances. As travelers become familiar with the TDR rules and procedures, they can navigate unexpected changes in their travel plans with confidence, knowing that the refund process is designed to accommodate genuine cases of ticket cancellations.


Who Is Eligible For TDR In IRCTC?

TDR means Ticket Deposit Receipt. It is meant for people who do not undertake a train journey despite having a booked ticket and want to apply for a refund. IRCTC, the e-ticketing arm of Indian Railways, provides the facility for online filing of TDR.

Will I Get Full Refund In TDR?

TDR is filed online before the actual departure of the train, for availing full refund. iii. All passengers booked on a PNR have not travelled. In case the ticket is cancelled, or if the request for refund of fare is filed online after the actual departure of train, No refund of fare will be admissible.

When Should I File TDR?

TDR should be filed before or within 30 minutes of the Departure of Train. The refund process will take at-least 60 days and more. E-ticket refund request (after chart preparation) can be filed online.

What Happens After Filing TDR?

After online filing of TDR, IRCTC forwards the claim to the concerned department to process the refund. The refund amount is credited back to the account used to make payment for the booking, according to IRCTC.

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