What Is PSV Badge?

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In various industries, certifications and badges serve as vital credentials, signifying proficiency, compliance, or authorization within specific sectors. One such designation that might come to mind is the PSV Badge, an identification associated with certain roles or services within the realm of transportation and professional services.

What Is PSV Badge?

The PSV Badge typically refers to the Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Badge, a certification or permit that validates an individual’s eligibility to operate or manage public service vehicles. These badges are often issued by transportation authorities or regulatory bodies and play a critical role in ensuring safety, compliance, and quality of service within the public transport sector.

Significance Of The PSV Badge

  • Safety and Regulation: The PSV Badge signifies that the holder has undergone necessary training, assessments, and checks to ensure competence in operating public service vehicles, contributing to passenger safety.
  • Compliance with Standards: Holding a PSV Badge implies adherence to regulatory standards and codes of conduct prescribed by transportation authorities.
  • Professional Qualification: It serves as a mark of professional competency and authorization, enabling individuals to legally engage in offering transportation services.

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Eligibility And Requirements

Obtaining a PSV Badge often involves meeting specific criteria and fulfilling requirements such as:

  • Training: Completion of training programs or courses related to public service vehicle operation, safety, and regulations.
  • Examinations and Assessments: Successful completion of assessments or examinations that evaluate knowledge, skills, and aptitude in relevant areas.
  • Background Checks: Verification of a clean criminal record and adherence to regulatory standards.

Application In Different Sectors

The PSV Badge may be relevant in various transportation sectors, including:

  • Taxi Services: Drivers operating taxis or cabs in urban or rural areas.
  • Bus Services: Conductors, drivers, or staff involved in managing public bus transport.
  • Specialized Vehicles: Operators of specialized public transport vehicles like minibusses, shuttles, or school buses.


The PSV Badge, emblematic of proficiency and compliance within the public transport sector, holds significant importance in ensuring safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services for passengers. It serves as a testament to individuals’ qualifications, dedication to safety standards, and commitment to delivering quality service in the realm of public service vehicles.

Understanding the essence and relevance of certifications like the PSV Badge not only underscores their importance in regulated industries but also emphasizes the role they play in safeguarding public interests and ensuring excellence in service delivery within the transportation sector.


What Is The Use Of PSV Badge?

Obtaining a PSV (Public Service Vehicle) badge Driving Licence is essential for individuals aspiring to operate commercial vehicles such as buses, taxis, and autorickshaws. This licence signifies the holder’s competence in driving public service vehicles and ensures passenger safety.

How Do I Get My PSV Badge To A Driver?

How to apply Public Service Vehicle badge?

  • Visit https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/
  • Select concerned state.
  • Click on “Services on Drivers License(Renewal/Duplicate/AEDL/Others)” from “Driving License” menu.
  • Fill up application form.
  • Take appointment.
  • Visit RTO on scheduled date with original documents.

What Is The Fee For PSV Badge In Delhi?

Fee of Rs. 200/- for Smart Card License. Fee of Rs. 100/- For endorsement.

How Can I Get PSV Badge In Maharashtra?

Documents Required

  • Attested copy of existing Driving License in triplicate.
  • Driving School Certificate duly attested.
  • Attested copy of school certificate with 8th pass as minimum educational Qualification.
  • Fee Rs. …
  • If already holding any one transport class license educatonal qualification certificate is not required.

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