What are the different Kinds of Offerings in Virtual office space Solutions ?


While we were young, we observed our parents getting dressed up, picking up a random bag along with their lunch bag and fleeing to their offices, which seemed to be a mysterious and slightly upsetting place as it held our parent’s hostage away from us. As we grow up, we even get prepared and join the workforce of the same mysterious place and train the future generation for a hassle similar to that. 

Have you wondered how the office setup has evolved over the decades?

The 70s office setup was in cubicle layout mode where a corner space was the coveted space with usually broader and bigger windows that became a status symbol, meaning that ‘you made it.’ 

In the ’80s when there was an explosion in pop culture with new and creative office settlement, the advent of Microsoft Windows software and Apple’s Macintosh computer happened. TheDigitalellular phones had also made their advent at the same time. However, during this time there was more manual work inside. Every document had to be typed with a cumbrous typewriter and fax machine which required a lot of manual work.

The office space in the ’90s was famous for various reasons. With the introduction of the internet- the biggest change of the 1990s, there was an extensive usage of computers with fascinating technology in every bit.

In the 2000s the office culture has just started the feeling of winds of change. This was when Gen Y began to enter the workspace with a wish to get more than just a standard package.

While the history of offices is interesting and enthralling, the future of offices with more thrilling possibilities are endless.

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What is a Virtual office space?

A virtual office in mumbai is something that exists for employees to work from any remote location or private space. People choose virtual offices as it is cost-effective, easily accessible, premier services offered in a single package and no requirement in investing in a pricey attorney.

What service does a virtual office offer?

Premium professional business address: 

Either be it a big business wing or a start-up they need a Virtual office for company registration so that it could professionally access its customers. It provides you with a registered office address that could be used for all legalities and as address proof for your business. 

Reception Courtesies:

What if you are not operational for your business 24 x 7 in your Virtual Office address? Reception courtesies come for the rescue. A receptionist can answer your business calls, provide drop-off and pick-up services and can sign for incoming mail and deliveries. In this way, you can stay available for the people reaching out to you all time and can receive an update from a trusted professional source 

Mail Handling:

Having a physical mailing address and fax service is another big fortune. Customers can feel safe when they know that their emails and faxes are handled by a professional and safely in a controlled environment.

Meeting Rooms:

You would either require a conference room or a meeting room for a particular number of employees or clients. Instead of investing a hefty amount of money in constructing one, the meeting rooms in virtual offices  can be hired on a pay-to-go basis for a short term. There would be no much effort in conducting or hosting official meetings.

Office Equipment:

Office equipment includes basic office, internet facilities, scanners, fax-machine or copiers. You might be in need in time. Instead of spending money on them, hiring these services when in need might become cost-effective.

Internet services:

Few service providers offer additional internet services such as business consultations, printing business cards and website design. In a virtual office  , the entrepreneurs can get their service tailor-made. That is, they can acquire only required services for their business.

If you are an emerging small business and looking for office space, iKeva is at your reach to avail of the required services. iKeva  offers a complete solution to set up an office in any metro city all over India. Beginning with the business address registration, reception courtesies, internet facilities and attending mail and fax calls, all the service will be installed in your chosen virtual office.

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