Top Data Analysis Tools 

When using smartphones and the internet, millions of people generate data simultaneously. Together, a massive amount of data is generated every day and is usually in the raw form. Such data can be useful only if businesses have professionals with appropriate data analytics skills. In this digital world, there is cut-throat competition among companies, and those who make business decisions based on insights gained from data can only stay ahead. 

It takes a seasoned data analyst who is well-versed in using the latest data analysis tools to gather that unprecedented amount of data, clean it, prepare it in a usable format, and finally create a plan of action. With data analytics becoming quite popular, a lot of players have entered this space and created advanced data analytics tools that one can choose from. 

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This article is dedicated to those businesses who are having a hard time finding the right data analysis tool that meets their business needs. Here are your top choices if you are seeking a reliable data analysis tool.

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Tableau is known as an end-to-end data analytics platform that enables you to prepare, analyze, collaborate, and share big data insights – right from incremental to transformative. Tableau’s visual analytics makes asking and answering questions of your data intuitive. The tool fuels unlimited data exploration by taking advantage of a person’s natural ability to spot visual trends and patterns quickly. Tableau has been declared a Leader for 9 consecutive years in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. 

People often take a Tableau course to understand its features and learn how to create visualizations, organize data, and build dashboards to empower more meaningful business decisions.

Rapid Miner

RapidMiner Studio is built to deliver business impact; it unifies data preparation, machine learning, and model operations to enhance the productivity of users of any skill level across an organization. RapidMiner gives you a powerful visual programming environment where you can access, load, and analyze any type of data; extract statistics and key information; expertly cleanse data for predictive analytics, and efficiently build and deliver better models quickly. This data science platform has helped over 40,000 clients to drive revenue, avoid risks, and reduce costs.


KNIME analytics platform is an open-source software used for creating data science. The tool is intuitive, open, and integrates new developments continuously. It makes understanding data and creating data science workflows and reusable components accessible to everyone. Using KNIME, you can blend data from any source, shape your data (derive statistics, aggregate, or clean data), build machine learning models, discover and share insights (display summary statistics or store analytics results in common file formats), and exercise the power of in-database processing. 

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The official website describes Splunk as a scalable and reliable data platform for investigating, monitoring, analyzing, and acting on your data. With its cloud-centric platform, you can stay ahead of the changing data landscape with expansive data access, powerful analytics, and automation. The tool has powerful AI and ML capabilities that automatically identify, predict and self-heal IT, DevOps, security, and business issues before they can become a problem. It is architected to facilitate sudden bursts in data volume, helping you scale in the cloud as per your business needs.

Zoho Analytics

Known as a self-service Business Intelligence and data analytics software, Zoho Analytics lets you analyze data, create interactive data visualizations, and uncover hidden insights in minutes. To date, the tool is used by 500 thousand businesses and 2 million users and created 50 million reports. Brands like IKEA, Suzuki, HP, Hyundai, PETA, and HDFC Life are the top customers of Zoho analytics. Businesses rely on this platform to track key performance metrics, see longtime trends, identify outliers, and unearth hidden insights. They also use Zoho’s intelligent assistant Zia to ask questions in natural language and get answers in the form of reports.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Discover an all-inclusive Business Intelligence solution for faster, more reliable data prep and reporting with the all-new IBM Cognos Analytics platform. It’s one BI solution that can clean and connect your data, build fascinating visualizations, as well as show you where your business stands today, and help predict what will happen tomorrow. The tool features built-in AI to accelerate and improve blending data or finding the optimal tables for your model. You can also bring together advanced analytics and data science into daily operations and seize new opportunities using Cognos Analytics.

Hotel data extraction can be extremely useful if you want to monitor hotel prices or keep an eye on hotel ratings. You can scrape hotel data from any site.  Extract hotel web data including room prices, availability, reviews, and much more at scale to unlock so many growth opportunities like brand management and sentiment analysis, hotel price comparison and so much more.


You don’t need to look further if you have an analytics platform backed by Google. With Looker, you can find true power in your data and drive better outcomes through smarter data-driven experiences. The tool helps you serve up real-time dashboards for more in-depth and consistent analysis and collect fresh results for more precise reporting. Its embedded analytics solutions, from healthcare to retail, give your customers the data they require to get the job done. The platform is trusted by over 2000 companies to access true analysis, raise customer retention, and drive better revenues. 

Going through all the above options, which tool are you planning to use?