Top 10 Employee Time Tracking Software Solutions In the UK

The benefits of using time tracking software include better visibility into how work hours are being used, ability to properly bill clients, optimization of schedules and processes, and ensuring payroll reflects actual employee time worked. This leads to increases in organization productivity, profitability, and employee satisfaction.

Top Employee Time Tracking Software


Controlio is a strong employee monitoring tool popular with UK companies. It tracks activity across all devices, captures screenshots, monitors applications and web usage, and records frequencies of user input. Managers gain key insights into employee productivity levels with powerful analytics and reporting. Controlio stands out for its advanced AI features, like sentiment analysis, that provide a nuanced perspective into qualitative metrics like user satisfaction in addition to quantitative tracking of activity levels, keystrokes, clicks, and more. This allows businesses to better understand not just what employees are working on, but how they feel about tasks and projects as well. With full visibility and rich analytics, Controlio enables optimisation of individual, team, and organizational productivity.


Toggl is one of the most user-friendly time tracking tools for UK companies. It has powerful reporting features that give detailed analytics on where your team is spending its hours during work. Toggl allows you to track time manually or through its web and mobile apps that can be integrated with popular project management and productivity software.


Designed specifically for UK companies, Timely provides biometric face recognition technology for easy clock in/outs. It captures attendance, tracks breaks, and syncs data to payroll in real-time. The dashboard and reports are customisable while providing useful productivity metrics like billable hours and salaries.


With advancedCapabilities for project budgeting and scheduling, Workzone is ideal for professional service teams. Users can log time against specific projects which is then automatically populated into invoices and reports. The tool also integrates with accounting software for streamlined billing.


As a free time tracking tool, Clockify is a simple solution for small business owners. Features include productivity metrics, schedule reporting, and rich integrations with apps like Jira, Trello, and QuickBooks. The free plan supports unlimited users and workspaces.


Harvest is a popular software for tracking time, expenses, and projects. It allows employees to track time manually or with a convenient mobile timer. It has strong reporting capabilities to employee monitoring productivity across clients and projects. Harvest integrates seamlessly with other software through over 100 integrations.


ActivTrak is focused specifically on providing user activity monitoring and productivity metrics. The software takes screenshots and recordings while tracking computer and web usage. Managers can access activity reports for individual employees or teams to identify productivity gaps.


With a focus on providing proof of work, Hubstaff tracks activity levels during shifts with screen, app, URL tracking, and more. Businesses can feel confident that payroll reflects actual worked hours with Hubstaff’s robust suite of monitoring, reporting, and integration features.


Browser and app-based automatic tracking makes TimeCamp a hands-off solution. Businesses can access reports on web and app usage, productivity, projects, and other helpful metrics. Project budgeting and integrations make TimeCamp a full-featured option.


While employee monitoring is not its focus, RescueTime helps managers and individuals gain productivity insights. Features include detailed reporting on daily activity levels, top distracting websites, and the ability to set usage limits that reduce distractions.


Tracking employee hours is crucial for UK business success with increasing remote and hybrid work trends. Modern time tracking software provides extensive analytics into productivity metrics that help managers optimize teams. Solutions like Controlio, Toggl, Timely, and Workzone cater specifically to UK companies with advanced features, country-specific compliance, and customizability. Whether you’re a five-person startup or a multinational corporation, implementing the right software can lead to major gains in employee productivity, engagement, and company profitability through payroll alignment with worked hours.