Searching for a job online requires the exchange of highly personal information. Fortunately, there are some easy ways that job seekers can take to reduce these risks significantly. These steps help considerably in keeping sensitive information secure

1) Think carefully about your CV

Your resume is likely filled with personally identifiable information. In a way, that’s the point. Your resume aims to differentiate you as a person from other applicants in the group. However, it is worth checking what information is being shared and what information can be deleted to protect privacy.

2) Beware of social networks

It would help if you considered how these profiles are used. Yes, you want to introduce a good person, but your social media profile also affects security.

Mark all social media profiles as private, or think carefully about who can see them. It’s amazing what you can learn about a person when a hacker is unaware of their social media habits. Pay attention to your social presence, no matter how big or small.

To take advantage of this idea, look at the one-sided messages from recruiters sent via social media platforms, mainly via email. Spear scammers target individuals and use LinkedIn and other social media accounts to generate personal phishing messages. Do not click on the links in these messages until you are sure of your intention. 

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3) Use the privacy feature

No company wants to prone to security risks by sharing information online and offering additional confidential features. There are lots of security and privacy filters that limit access to information to particular people or groups. Don’t miss using such unique privacy features to secure your online job search from any privacy issues. Using a Nordvpn service is the simplest method to ensure the total security of your connection.

4) Always use digital signatures

Always pay attention to what to expect. Organizations can create recorded videos that display when each page is viewed and when the document has been properly signed. In most cases, whatever is digitally signed is legally enforceable.

Also, ensure to incorporate digital signature encryption technology with the digital signature solution you are utilizing to ensure your documents’ authenticity.

5) Keep a record of your online applications

From an organizational standpoint, it’s a good idea to keep a record of your apps, but it also has security advantages. Write a note on the information about the employer, application date, and other relevant information in the spreadsheet each time you apply for or submit your resume. This helps keep track of each application and which organizations or individuals have data about you. It also helps to avoid the awkward situation of giving the same to-do list twice.


Finding a new job is exciting. It represents new challenges, new successes, and growth opportunities in your area. But most importantly, try to create self-awareness about your habits and decisions that may not be important at the time but may lead to cyber attacks in the future

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