Tips to Clear 6 Maths Olympiad

The Science Olympiad Foundation conducts an amazing International Maths Olympiad exam nationwide in hundreds of schools every year. The aim is simple; to identify and encourage the mathematical talent across India. Experts recommend that all students of Grade 1 – Grade 12 must appear for this exam to enhance their mathematical skills.

The students who participate in this exam are awarded certificates as well as many additional awards. However, as a student, your focus must be on learning new skills, engaging in healthy competition, and challenging yourself. 

So if you have decided to appear for the exam this year, here are some tips to help you clear this exam easily. 

  • Begin positively

When you choose to participate in this exam, make sure your intentions are correct. Do not focus on the prize money or the certificates. Rather focus on improving your knowledge and polishing your mathematical skills for the future.

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  • Begin early

The exam is held every year. So even if the dates are not announced and you have decided to appear for the exam, you must begin your preparations at the earliest. The earlier you begin, the more concrete your preparation and practice will be and the International Maths Olympiad is all about good practice. This will increase your chances to grab a great position in the exam.                         

  • Choose good books

The IMO exam is based on your Class 6 syllabus. However, the questions are not as direct as in your textbook. The questions require you to think a little bit and apply conceptual knowledge. Therefore, you may invest in some good Olympiad books to help you prepare efficiently for the exam. Here are some key factors to keep in mind while choosing Olympiad books:

  1. The books must follow the actual pattern of the International Math Olympiad exam. 
  2. They should provide loads of questions for you to practice
  3. They must provide answer keys with explanations of the solutions.
  4. They must be well recognized by experts
  5. They must provide OMR sheets so that you can get good practice for the exam.
  6. They must be the newest editions with the latest previous papers and their solutions
  7. They may also have a good preparatory guide to help you go through the concepts.
  • Go through the Science Olympiad Foundation website

This is the official website for the exam. It contains many sample papers as well as the latest updates concerning the IMO exams.

  • Solve several question papers and mock tests:

Solving question papers and giving tons of mock tests are important aspects for IMO preparation and cannot be neglected in any way. You must go through all the question papers of the past decade to get a good understanding of the exam pattern, types of questions, and their difficulty level. For example, you can look up the IMO Class 6 2015 Question Paper or question papers from any other year and solve it. Keep these few key points while solving question papers in mind:

  1. Choose a time when no one would disturb you.
  2. Set up a distraction-free location
  3. Stay away from smartphones or anything that might distract you.
  4. Sit with a pen and paper
  5. Time yourself strictly.
  6. Do not cheat

             Also, be sure to attempt a lot of mock tests and analyze them seriously during the preparation for the main exam. The exam has a set time limit of 60 minutes during which you need to solve 50 questions. Therefore you must get as much practice at home as you can to help you improve your calculation speed as well as the pace with which you analyze a question before attempting to solve it.

  • Make notes

Whatever preparatory and guidance material you choose to study from, be sure to take notes from it. These can be books or online lectures that help you prepare for the exam. You can find several tips, tricks, strategies, and advice in these videos by experts of the IMO exam which can help you clear the exam with a great rank. So do not forget to take notes from these lectures.

  • Revise formulas

In addition to practising from books and question papers, take out time to revise all the important formulas and theorems from your main textbook. You do not want to waste time in the exam to remember formulas as the exam has a very short limited time.

  • Use shortcuts:

If you are used to doing a long calculation to arrive at a solution, you will face problems in the IMO exam. So it would be beneficial to you if you could find ways to quickly calculate using mathematical tricks for fast calculation. This comes with practice. So while solving question papers, keep this in mind. 

  • Be careful while giving the exam

Unlike while practising at home, during the exam, you are under actual pressurizing conditions. It would do you good to have an exam strategy in mind to help you during the exam:

  1. Begin the exam from the Achiever’s section. Since this is the most important part of the exam, make sure you begin with this section. This section has questions that would require you to think a little bit. Thus it will help you to start them first when you have a lot of time left for the exam to finish.
  2. Following the achiever’s section, move on to the logical reasoning question which has aptitude-based questions.
  3. If you find any question difficult or time-consuming, mark it for review and come to it when you are done with all the other questions.
  4. Make sure you have a pen and paper with you to help you do all your calculations.
  5.   In case you feel anxious during the exam or the question paper seems overly complicated, do not panic. Remember that the IMO exam is not very difficult. You need to be confident in your preparation and read the questions carefully. There are a lot of hints given in the question itself. Read the question carefully 2-3 times and you will be able to crack it.
  6. Do not let the anxiety of the exam steal your focus. Stay positive throughout the exam.
  7. Check your answers well if you have time.

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