Things To Know About EPFO Member Login

The EPFO is denoted as an Employee provident Fund organization is one of the non-constitutional body which helps to stimulate the employees to save their funds for retirement. The organization is simply governed by the ministry of employment and labor. The scheme is provided by the organization that covers the workers and other international workers. 

The employee’s provident Fund organization is a statutory body under the employee’s provident fund act. The EPFO is introduced the universal Account number for members. The UAN is a unique number that is assigned to every member of EPFO. You will make your password and ID of your choices when you needs epfo member login for the first time. The website of Epfo is easier to operate. 

How to Log In To the EPFO Members Portal

It is a very simple way to log in to the EPFO member portal. By following the simple steps you can log in easily with the help of financeglad.

  • Foremost you go to the EPFO member portal.
  • Enter the UAN, password, and other captcha codes.
  • Click on the Sign-in option.

When UAN is generated, the EPFO is activating the UAN by logging in into the EPFO member portal. The EPFO member can activate the UAN. 

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UAN (Universal Account Number)

Every subscriber of EPFO can access the PF account online and also make any functions like checking the EPF balance and other withdrawals easily. The UAN is makes everything convenient to log in to the EPFO member portal. 

The UAN is coming with 12 digit numbers that are allocated to each member of EPFO. The UAN of an employee ruins the same even after switching the job. You can get the UAN via the employer and you can simply log in to the UAN portal with your member ID and find the UAN easily. Of course, every employee must activate the UAN to avail of all the services online. 

How to Activate UAN Online

  • Go to the EPFO member portal
  • Choose the “Activate UAN” that appears on the right side of the screen under the important links option.
  • Enter the UAN number, DOB, name, email ID, and contact details. 
  • After that, tap the “Get Authorization Pin” option.
  • Now you receive the OTP on your required mobile number.
  • Submit the given OTP to activate the UAN. The mobile number will get registered with an EPF account.
  • On UAN activation, you can receive a password on your registered mobile number to access your account. 

The EPFO is given various services to you through the centralized mobile application. The app you can download easily and use based on your needs. By using the app, the members can check their PF balance and download the passbook effortlessly. 

What Are The Objectives Of EPFO?

The main objective of EPFO is

  • It can ensure the employee has only one EPF account.
  • Compliance must be facilitated simply.
  • Claim settlements to be reduced from 20 to 30 days.
  • For all the epfo member accounts to be retrieved online easily.
  • Promotion and encouragement of voluntary compliance.
  • To ensure the online services are reliable and to make improvements in their facilities.
  • Make sure the organization that is follows the rules and regulations set up by the EPFO on regular basis. 

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The Scheme Offered Under the EPFO

Various schemes are available under the EPFO

  • Employee provident fund scheme
  • Employee pension scheme
  • Employee deposit linked insurance scheme 

Apart from that, the EPFO services are huge which is helping you majorly. The services are helpdesk of inoperative Accounts, online withdrawal of EPF, international workers can create a certification of coverage, monthly returns of excused establishments, UMANG app, online transfer of EPF, the establishment can register online, online payments of PF missed call and SMS services, claim status and passbook and grievances. Each service is helpful to use and that makes your work easier. 

Benefits of EPFO Member Login:

Once you login to the EPFO member portal, then you can get endless benefits that are come more than your expectations. 

  • The EPFO member login helps to save your money for the longer run.
  • There are no requirements to make a single, lump-sum investment. The assumption is made every month from the employee’s salary and it helps to get savings the huge money over the longer period. 
  • Otherwise, it helps employee financially during the period of emergency
  • The EPFO login helps to save money at the time of retirement and also helps you to maintain the quality of life. 

How to Check EPFO Balance Using EPFO Login?

There are different methods are accessible to check your EPFO balance. Each way is simple but people always use the EPFO portal majorly.

The process of checking the EPF balance through the EPFO member portal is simple. Once you login to the EPFO member portal using the UAN and password, then you will be able to find the EPF balance under your member ID. Similarly, there are various things you can access by epfo member login. 

  • Go to the “For members” in the “Our service” section.
  • Click on the Member Passbook option
  • Now enter the UAN password and captcha code and login into your EPF account.
  • Choose the member ID to view the passbook.
  • Your passbook will be displayed with entire details in the document. 

There are many more services and options you can get when logging in to the epfo member portal. The EPFO is having a separate portal for all queries related to UAN. The member can avail of the services of the portal by registering in the help desk portal and gives convinced details such as UAN, Adhaar, PAN, etc. the help desk gives the help for all the EPF and UAN related queries. 

The EPFO login gives a diverse system for employers to help with transfer entitlements and other things in convenient ways. The member will have to log and register the member portal to file for a transfer claim. The employers need to use UAN which is registered and activated with the EPFO portal. To log in and avail of services, you have to use UAN like ID and password!!!!