Things Should Know About PAN Card Status

Now, all are well known the benefits and importance of using PAN card right? If you don’t know about PAN card, keep reading this article by financesjungle and understand about it. 

What is a PAN card?

PAN is denoted as Permanent Account Number. People are using the pan card for various purposes today. The Pan is used for identifying the various taxpayers in the country. It is a unique number assigned to people who are paying the taxes. When using the PAN card, you can get the facilities of track the pan card status easily as well. 

Types of PAN cards

There are different types of PAN card are accessible

  • PAN card for foreign corporates
  • PAN Card for Foreigners
  • PAN card for companies
  • PAN card for Indian citizens

Uses of PAN card

  • To purchase and sell the vehicle 
  • You can use the pan card when opening the bank account and depositing an amount.
  • When applying for a credit card.
  • For applying an amount summing
  • For DEMAT account opening.
  • For cash deposit in banks
  • Paying insurance
  • When applying for a business loan and any other loan.
  • When buying and selling the securities.

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Structure and content of PAN card

The PAN card structure comes with the permanent Account number, Full name, and name of the father, date of birth, photograph, and signature. And the pan content is the permanent account number, full name, and date of incorporation. When you want to apply for a PAN card, then the details help you a lot. Did you know? The address is not printed on the PAN card it is because the address is a changeable one. 

Not all the details and information are printed on the PAN card. But the required information in the PAN card is valuable for using the card. A permanent Account number is having a unique ten-digit alphanumeric number that is issued to taxpayers by the income tax department. You can apply for the number through the UTIITSL. The application form is accessible both online and offline. 

How to check the status of PAN application on the UTI website

If you are an applicant who is considered the PAN card through the UTI to have the application number to check the status. You need to follow some instruction!!

  • Foremost visit official UTI website
  • Key in your PAN number or application coupon number
  • Key in your date of birth
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Click on the submit button.
  • The status of the Pan application is displayed on the screen.

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UTI pan card status by PAN number

If you want to do change something in your PAN card, a fresh application has to be submitted for the same. The application you have even in the case of loss or theft of the card. The status of the application can be tracked easily by using the UTI website. 

Apart from that, the status of the PAN card application is essential to know. The applicants who are applying with the applicable fees for availing the PAN via internet banking can track the status easily by following the simple steps.  

The simple steps are mentioned below. Just follow the steps to track the status of your PAN card using the UTI website

  • Visit the UTI website 
  • From the home page, you have to choose the Track your PAN card option under the for PAN cards menu. 
  • You will be redirected to the tracking page, and you have to enter your PAN number
  • Fill up the captcha code field and click on Submit option to track the status. 

PAN status on UTI

The PAN card is the most important document that is required for conducting all financial transactions. With the PAN card, you can get more benefits. If you are applied for a new Pan Card or duplicate Pan Card, then you need to fill the necessary forms and apply. The form you can find on the authorized website UTI easily. Just find the PAN application status online on the UTI portal.

Once you apply for the PAN, then you will receive the acknowledgment through the UTI. Once you give your 15 digit number, you can check the status of your application. 

  • Visit UTI website
  • Enter the 15 digit application coupon number 
  • Tap the submit option
  • View your current pan card status.

Know about PAN card status

Suppose, if you have lost the acknowledgment code that you received by UTI, don’t worry the best thing is that you can be done easily is to get in touch with the officials of UTI. Otherwise, the applicants when applying for PAN through the UTI, application will result quickly and the applicant can get the PAN easily. 

The applicants who are applied or the Pan card and want to track with the help of tracking number. The number is displayed on the screen when the application status is checked by you by using the 15 digit code. Basically, you can track the status of the PAN card application after 24 hours of applying. 

Moreover, you can open a savings account by giving the printout of the PAN card application status. The saving account can be opened by providing a copy of the acknowledgment ship that contains the 15 digit number. 

The status of the PAN card can be checked online once after submitted the application and the application status will show you whether the card has been transit or issued. Including, you can check the status of the PAN card on the UTI website easily at any time. You can figure out the status of your PAN card with your name, DOB entered on the website. 

Final Words

Now, you can get a better idea about checking the uti pan status easily. The PAN card is an essential need for all. And everyone should be familiar with the PAN card and its uses. The card allows verification of payments and other valid identity proof. Even, nowadays the PAN card is mandatory for some specific financial transaction. Otherwise, it is also a must to know about check the pan card status!!!!