Questions to Ask an Agency When Targeting New Investors Through PR Campaigns

People often confuse PR for marketing. While they are related in some aspects, both serve completely different purposes for a company. When your business is growing, it’s exhilarating. But, to keep it growing, you may need an effective PR strategy. 

Per the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), PR or public relations management refers to a strategic communication process that builds a mutually beneficial relationship between an organisation and its public. A PR agency needs to work in conjunction with a marketing team for optimal results.

Do You Need A PR Agency?

While companies may understand what a PR strategy is and how a specialist agency can help them with their strategy, they may not be sure if a PR agency is a right choice. Does every business need a PR strategy? Is approaching a specialised firm the right choice?

Sometimes, especially for small to mid-level businesses, a PR team may not be an urgent need. However, without proper strategies, the business’s growth is hindered. Public relation operations help in engaging and communicating with key stakeholders. It also helps draw investors to the brand, along with new talent, and gauging the public’s opinion of the brand. A comprehensive PR strategy can help your company across different levels.

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Questions to Ask The Agency

With an effective PR strategy, you can attract new investors to your company. The right marketing and PR placements help you show that your company is credible and an excellent investment opportunity. But, to do so, you will need to have a perfect strategy in place. 

Understanding whether the agency that you hire will align PR operations with your business goal is crucial. If you have never worked with a PR team before, keep the following questions handy.

Have They Worked with Others in Your Industry?

Any agency with prior experience working with clients in the same industry is a valuable asset. They provide you with well-founded advice and have in-depth knowledge of how the industry works. PR agencies should be thorough when asking about your business. They should familiarise themselves with your product and your business vision, goals, target audience, and more.

Do They Have Good Relationships with the Press?

Agencies are not only important for their expertise but also the connections they offer. To have a good public relation, your company will need to have good media exposure. An agency that has connections with the press can ensure that your company gets the exposure it needs, and they highlight positive aspects of your company. 

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What Geographic Locations Do You Serve?

While your business may be positioned in a different region, your target audience may be worldwide or in another place. When hiring a PR agency, it is essential to understand which audience they work with. If your business is not focused on a local audience, it is worthwhile to explore agencies in different cities.

Who Will Be Handling Your Account?

Nothing can be worse than speaking to different people during each meeting. When you do not have a dedicated account manager, information may get lost in the way. Results are delayed, and there is no person that you can hold accountable for mistakes. Knowing who will handle your account provides you with peace of mind and helps you build a strong relationship with them and convey your requirements.

Do You Need An Additional Budget?

If you have a strict budget, ensure that you are transparent with the agencies. Understanding whether you will need to expand your budget for better results is crucial. If an agency cannot work within your budget or deliver desired results, it is time to move on to better options.

How Do They Report Success?

Once you have hired an agency, you need to keep tabs on their performance. It is important to understand how they track their success and whether they are able or deliver promised results. Once you hire an agency, you should be able to see some noticeable growth in your business, although it may take some time. Understanding how they report their success will help you understand whether they will help your business grow. You can do this by checking past cases they handled, the success rate, and client reviews. 

PR strategy is essential for any business, not just for those that are already established. When you want to attract more people to invest in your business, PR tactics are an indispensable tool. Take time to research different agencies, talk to past clients, and observe past performance to gauge whether the agency is the right choice for you.