Download PixelLab For PC Windows 10/8/7

What is a pixellab app ?

Pixellab app is a online application which lets you to modify and edit your texts and adding images on texts or texts on image vice versa by using various tools like font( Italic,Calibri, Calibri light etc), colours( blue, black,magenta,indigo and many more),size, grafics, background wallpapers,stickers and many more are available in that app as our wish to do stunning effects.

PixelLab For PC Windows 10/8/7


Basically it is not a commercial app and it is available for free. It belongs to photography and text editing category. It’s latest version is 1.9.5 and also it’s programing language is English. The size of this app in MB is 28MB.


One of the most leading editing app in the editing history was made by pixellab.
Normal people can also do wonderful modifications . And this also increases the thinking ability of a person’s mind. High  demanded app for editing. We can adjust the pixel rate (quality) at any stage from the beginning of the process upto to the end of the result. High quality images (HD quality) are commonly done  in this app.
Generally it is a non commercial app and it is available for free. If needed we can also purchase the pass and also we try one month free trail.

Permissions required for the access of this app:

* Asks us to allow file manager of  the device to view the photos.
* Requires internal storage of the system.
* Asks us to manage the phone calls either lift are hang up while we are performing a task in it.
* Requires the high speed internet connection and also takes some for the final apperance of the image.
* Asks access for the sharing of edited photos with others while transferring.

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How to install pixellab app in pc?

First of all you must have Nox player  android emulator or blueStacks  software application in your pc .open any one of them ,Then go to play store and search for pixellab app in the search bar then it will be directed to official home screen of  the pixellab then click on install button .Then it will just take only few minutes for installation .After that time pixellab is ready for using in our pc.

Other way to install Pixellab in pc:

By the by this way is very easy and simple and best. Because a perfect latest version apk file is provided by our official website .you can download it and allow the app to run for few minutes then pixellab icon will appear then click on it and open then it is ready for using.

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How to install Pixellab app in mobile?

In android :

Since in android we are having inbuilt android application called play store then it is very easy and simple go to play store then search for pixellab app . Click on install . And now it is ready to use in mobile.

In iOS:

The same process will also repeat in iOS device the only thing is that in this device we app store application . Then as informed above we must search for pixellab app and click on install and can used for further assistance.
After install the app either in pc or mobile  you can continue for free or you can buy the membership pass and get login id for the vip access of the app.

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Plus points of the Pixellab:

* A free editing app .
* Does not require any qualifications and a person who can understand a simple normal English language can do it.
* Less time , quick and more esay to do .
* More than hundred elements are available which are useful for editing.
* We can update our edited photos in any social media for our future business purposes.
* It produces new type of innovative thoughts in a human being.
* You can import and export the photos in a device very wisely .
* You can also capture pdf as a photo then can continue otherwise it can’t be done directly with pdf.
* Applying of the effects on random images.
* Half and half images are also done.
* Always it works accurately with high speed of internet.
* Movie short clips editing purposes they must need any digital editing app.

Drawbacks of the Pixellab app:

* At low speed of internet it does not work properly.
* Works only with internet connection.
* We can only edit a single item or photo at a time.
* Multiple tasking cannot be done in this app.
* Images without clarity can not modified very clearly and thus they doesn’t look very nice.
* Does not work in the absence or low speed of internet .
* It’s very dangerous when you say your password some one because they may login and they can check your personal data.


The running world needs to be changed and technology to be improved day by day. In all this type of things this app plays a key role in maintaining and creating more no of small scale directors to enhance their knowledge in the track of editing.

This app does not need anyone’s approvel for entry any single individual can do it.An individual can also participate actively in this type of works . Because they can showcase their talents and also record their achievements. This type of  apps are one of the major reason for finding hidden talents of the normal people.It lets us to create new quotes regarding fun , emotional and inspirational.

At present billions of users are their for a particular reason or purposes are working in it. More no of cinematic field art directors are using this app for thier complex digital arrangements of the items in the background of the movie.Finally it is a fantastic and marvelous app for the process of editing of the low budget production people.